Program Management Support (international Acquisitions, TS-SCI)

  • Full-time
  • Clearance: Top Secret/SCI

Company Description

At RED GATE we do everything we can to serve our clients:
Using the right technical skills, unique methodologies, best practices, and integrated technology, we help clients implement bold solutions. New approaches to emerging and evolving threats. Non-traditional ways to overcome entrenched obstacles. Advantage through opportunity. If you have a serious challenge or problem, we can help you solve it.  The below job description provides details on how this role will help to serve our clients.

Job Description

Overall Assignment Description:  

  • Provide support within the Program Management Office to the Program Manager as part of a support team.  
  • Supports the PM throughout the acquisition life-cycle, including providing advice on Source Selection Proposals, Task Order Proposals, Request for Change (RFCs), Engineering Change Proposals (ECPs), related security Certification and Accreditation (C&A) activities, development, testing, transition and operations.  
  • Provides support to program leadership in monitoring and controlling issues through the program life-cycle with a key focus on cost, schedule, and performance.  
  • Provide advice and support to the PM beginning with the early stages of the system life-cycle to initiate the C&A process for any new system initiation as directed by the various portfolio stakeholders.  
  • Provide SME support to the Government and program office representatives at briefings, discussions, or Technical Exchange Meetings.  
  • Provides input to the PM on ECPs, budget, and other taskers or actions necessary to support the program's overall mission in support of Geospatial Non-Standard Data Content.  
  • Support planning and technical exchanges between the prime contractors, segments, projects, and stakeholders.  
  • Participate in NSG and ASG fora and technical reviews and evaluate external program system changes for impacts to the International Program.  
  • Supports project team in developing system CONOPS, systems architectures and requirements documents.  
  • Monitors technical implementation of risk, issue, and opportunity processes.  
  • Supports project teams in the analysis of potential opportunities for International partner participation in future and emerging NSG capabilities and evaluates emerging technologies for inclusion in the International Program.   


Duties include:   

  • Attend weekly staff meetings to keep the office abreast of activities and issues.  
  • Support and participate in program management reviews and any program status meetings/briefings that the vendor may conduct.  
  • Coordinate readiness process reviews with Readiness Review Team Chairman, development contractor and program office throughout life cycle of program.  
  • Coordinate and participate in TEMs between the contractor and NGA segments to resolve issues, support the implementation of any new RFCs by the engineering group and address external organization’s questions.  
  • Provide detailed input at design/development/test/operational reviews.  
  • Attend interface segment requirement reviews, design reviews, and meeting dry-runs, as necessary, and identify issues and ensure sufficient requirements and understanding or proper design considerations are included. 
  • Collaborate with customers and stakeholders to ensure integration of requirements and functionality.  
  • Participate in outreach and interact with contractors to ensure successful integration based on requirements and program constraints.  
  • Provide the PM and COR with property accountability support and advise him/her of any changes or necessary action under the agency's Total Access Management system.  
  • Provide SME support to daily technical issues and future requirements activities.   
  • Coordinate with development contractor, NCAT security, NGA security offices, and OCIO to maintain active Certification and Accreditation (C&A) program.  
  • Participate in TEMs to resolve any C&A issues.  
  • Plan, coordinate and execute all formal test activities under the Verification and Validation Groups (VVG) supervision and the Assisted Service Testing Model initiated by VVG, which the Program Management Office executes.  
  • Monitor/track test events related to future software deliveries at the factory and any delivery site.  
  • Provide oversight and support as a PMO validator during any formal test event and provide the PM results of all executed test outcomes regarding a decision in deploying the operational baseline to the field.  
  • Support internal test planning meetings to test new software deliveries with the development contractor.  
  • Support transition planning to move program services and functionality into the NSG Enterprise.  
  • Support transition of software builds, new hardware, or discrepancies (DR) fixes into operations.  



  • Experience with acquisition of government systems.  



  • Understand the geospatial intelligence mission and its contribution to the IC.  
  • Knowledge of NGA processes and tools, including Systems Engineering, Acquisition, Configuration Management, Readiness, and Security.  
  • Knowledge of NGA requirements process for Non-State Entities (NSEs) and NGA Crisis Action Teams (NCATs).   
  • Familiarity with NSG and ASG architectures.
  • Familiarity with NGA ISP/ASP Model.  
  • Familiarity with NGA/TI Programs.  

Additional Information

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