[Manta] English Editor

  • Seoul, South Korea
  • Full-time
  • Department: 만타

Company Description

RIDI is a fast-growing market leader in the digital content service in South Korea. In 2020, RIDI successfully launched Manta, a new subscription-based global webcomics service created to optimize the “binge-reading” experience.

Manta presents a diverse collection of webcomics including, but not limited to, romance, fantasy, slice of life, horror, mystery, thriller, and Manta Originals — its very own original content. Our global platform strives to create an impact in the entertainment industry by inspiring readers to consume fascinating stories in the most accessible and enjoyable ways.

We are a team of passionate and determined people who are willing to take new risks on a global scale, and most importantly, excited to experience the journey itself.


Location & working hours: RIDI’s office near Seolleung Station. 8 hours/day, flexible start time.

Job Description

Editing the English translation of Korean content to create the final, publishable product. This is an in-house role. Full-time, short term contract. Editing to set style and quality standards

  • Correcting spelling and grammar
  • Localizing any overly literal translations
  • Correcting continuity issues (character, style, plot, etc)


  • Solid grasp of American English grammar and punctuation rules
  • Beginner-Intermediate level Korean (enough to recognize unnatural sentence patterns/overly literal translations in the English)
  • At least 2+ years experience in a creative writing field (copywriting, fiction - personal projects included, etc.)
  • Able to submit writing samples, and complete a writing test
  • Valid work visa



  • Experience with localizing and working with translated content

Additional Information

지원 서류 안내

제출서류: Resume + writing sample (something that showcases both creative writing and copy editing ability)


※ 필수 표기 사항

  • 인적사항 : 국/영문 성함, 생년월일, E-mail, 휴대전화 번호
  • 경력사항 : 전체 경력의 입사일 및 퇴사일, 근무 형태, 간략한 이직 사유  
  • 외국어 능력 및 해외 경험
  • 경력 및 재학기간 중 공백기에 대한 설명

* HWP, Word 파일은 업로드가 원활하지 않습니다. 이력서/자기소개서 등 첨부서류는 PDF 파일로의 업로드를 권장 합니다.


전형 절차

  • 서류전형 (writing sample 제출) > 과제전형 > 면접전형
    (이 외, 약 15 - 30분간 유선 또는 화상으로 리크루터 사전면접이 추가될 수 있습니다.)

※ 위 포지션에 좋은 인재를 추천해주세요!

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