Finance Manager (Hybrid)

  • Full-time

Company Description

We are a leading technology and design company that stays ahead of the curve, with over a decade of experience. We offer business-to-business solutions that create engaging digital experiences for enterprises across industries. Our solutions are built on development expertise, design thinking, and innovative technologies. We follow an agile methodology to deliver exceptional user experiences. Our creative solutions have an intuitive user experience and produce measurable results.

Our team of experts in development, design, and technology posses diverse skill sets, including Drupal development, UX/UI design, quality engineering, JavaScript frameworks, content strategy, branding, product engineering, artificial intelligence, and machine learning.
We believe in the pursuit of excellence, building strong partnerships, taking ownership of our work, and embracing feedback every step of the way. We prioritize the personal and professional success of our team members. Our culture is centered around connecting design, code, and our values to make a meaningful impact across the world.

We deliver digital excellence by being rooted in our values and principles, including taking charge, excellence, cohesion, coherence, kindness, boldness, and creativity.

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Job Description

As the Finance Manager, you will play a pivotal role in overseeing and managing the financial activities of the company. This position requires a proactive and detail-oriented individual with a strong understanding of accounting principles, tax compliance, and financial management. The successful candidate will be responsible for day-to-day accounting, tax compliance, audits, financial reporting, and various other financial functions. 

This Role is for you if: 

  • You have experience in overseeing day-to-day accounting activities and ensuring the timely monthly closure of books.
  • You will produce and deliver monthly financial and operational reports, providing comprehensive insights to the management team.
  • You have to develop and monitor budgets, ensuring effective financial planning and control for organizational success.
  • You can ensure strict compliance with all applicable tax and legal regulations, optimizing tax outgo where possible, and ensuring timely adherence to tax and other laws.
  • You can coordinate and execute annual audits, oversee the auditing process, and furnish requisite information and documentation to auditors.
  • You will manage and maintain the Fixed Assets Register, ensuring accurate recording and documentation of comprehensive details for all fixed assets.
  • You will facilitate foreign exchange conversion by coordinating with banks and managing forward bookings.
  • You can conduct payment follow-ups, ensuring timely receipt of payments from debtors within specified due dates.
  • You will oversee payroll processing, ensuring accurate and timely disbursement of all payroll dues, with monthly verification before disbursal.
  • You need to conduct thorough legal reviews of contracts, including MSA, SOW, and NDA, with customers and suppliers to ensure compliance and mitigate risks.
  • You can ensure meticulous upkeep of statutory registers as mandated by the Companies Act and GST Act to guarantee regulatory compliance.
  • You will implement a formalized purchasing process, including documentation such as quotations, comparisons, purchase orders, and approvals by respective departments, ensuring final approval by the finance department.
  • You can efficiently oversee a centralized payment process, managing both recurring and ad hoc payments to ensure adherence to an optimized and effective payment cycle.
  • You have provided pre-sales support by offering assistance in financial information and calculations, contributing to the overall success of pre-sales activities.
  • You can coordinate the strategic deployment of excess liquidity by working with banks and investment advisors to optimize investments and efficiently manage funds.
  • You will conduct accurate sales forecasting by projecting sales based on signed contracts for a minimum of one quarter in advance, and diligently monitor actual results against the forecast.
  • You will establish and maintain a centralized Contract Register for streamlined access and systematic record-keeping of all contracts.
  • You have to ensure comprehensive documentation of all expenses and revenue, maintaining tax-compliant records for thorough financial transparency and compliance.


  • Hold a Chartered Accountant qualification, showcasing expertise in accounting principles and financial management.
  • Possess a minimum of 4-5 years of professional experience in the field of accounting and finance.
  • Proficient in using MS Office, Google Docs, ZohoBooks or Quickbooks, and Tally for efficient financial data management and reporting.
  • Demonstrate strong communication skills to effectively collaborate with both internal teams and external clients.

Additional Information

What you will get:

  • An open and collaborative work environment where you will be respected, challenged, and valued for your merits.
  • Strong leadership and mentorship, a clear career path, and a supportive environment.
  • A company that is proud of the quality of its work and invested in your personal development & well-being.
  • A team that respects openness, does its job well, values customers, and plays fairly.
  • Individuals who are fun to work with are invested in each other's growth and take their values seriously.
  • Flexible work schedule so long as you uphold your commitments to your family, team, and clients.
  • Competitive salary, incentives, insurance, and other perks.