Visual Designer - (Contract Role)

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Company Description

We are a leading technology and design company that stays ahead of the curve, with over a decade of experience and 400+ successful projects, we offer business-to-business solutions that create engaging digital experiences for large enterprises across industries. Our solutions are built on development expertise, design thinking, and innovative technologies. We follow an agile methodology to deliver exceptional user experiences. Our creative solutions not only look amazing but also produce measurable results.

Our team of experts in development, design, and technology possess diverse skill sets, including UX/UI design, quality engineering, JavaScript frameworks, content strategy, branding, AI and machine learning, and product engineering.

We believe in the pursuit of excellence, building strong partnerships, taking ownership of our work, and embracing feedback every step of the way. We prioritize the personal and professional success and well-being of our team members, and our culture is centered around purposefully connecting design, code, and people to make a meaningful impact across the world 🌎

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Job Description

We're on the lookout for a creative Mid-Level Visual Designer to join our design and marketing team on a contract basis. We're a team that believes in mixing work with play. Our focus is on creating purposeful visuals and compelling stories that help brands engage and stand out. If you're good at creating illustrations and perhaps have some video skills, let's chat!

As a Mid-Level Visual Designer, you will hold an important role in lifting brand/s within the digital landscape. Your creative talents will actively drive conceptualization, ideation, and the creation of impactful illustrations throughout the design process. You will be working as both a designer and a storyteller. While we embrace the creative spirit and some fun, we also prioritize meeting deadlines and ensuring quick project deliveries.

Key Responsibilities

  • Create visually stunning illustrations to bring brand narratives to life on digital platforms.
  • Generate fresh ideas and creative concepts to enhance social-media outcomes.
  • Take charge of the entire design process, from conceiving ideas to delivering the final collaterals.
  • Work closely with teams and encourage interactive collaboration to ensure designs align with brand guidelines and business objectives
  • Regularly review and revise designs to refine visual components.
  • Create and tailor illustrations and sketches to suit various digital platforms and audience preferences.
  • Stay updated with emerging design trends and techniques to enhance your work continually.
  • As a bonus, bring your video skills into play, contributing to the creation of engaging video content that complements the overall brand story.



 Skillset Requirements

  • Hold a degree in Graphic Design, Visual Arts, or experience in a related field to demonstrate your creative skills.
  • Have at least 3+ years of experience, supported by a strong portfolio that showcases your design skills and creativity.
  • Excel in using design software, such as Adobe Creative Suite, and familiarity with Figma would be a bonus.
  • If you possess video-making skills, that's a definite plus.
  • Collaborate effectively with the team and clients, demonstrating strong communication skills.
  • Show your ability to transform ideas into well-designed visuals.
  • Demonstrate your capacity to adapt designs for various digital platforms and target audiences.
  • Understand design principles and their impact on user experience.
  • Exhibit proficiency in quick iterations and refining designs.
  • Display eagerness to continually learn about new design trends and methods.

Additional Information

What you will get:

  • An open and collaborative work environment where you will be respected, challenged, and valued for your merits.
  • Strong leadership and mentorship, a clear career path, and a supportive environment.
  • A company that is proud of the quality of its work and invested in your personal development & well-being.
  • A team that respects openness, does its job well, values customers, and plays fairly.
  • Individuals who are fun to work with are invested in each other's growth and take their values seriously.
  • Flexible work schedule so long as you uphold your commitments to your family, team, and clients.
  • Competitive salary, incentives, insurance, and other perks.
  • An online portfolio showing multi-platform, standout work.