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  • Full-time

Company Description

Digitas Health London is the People-Powered Health agency: We help brands engage with people to deliver ideal health, now. We design transformative experiences that move people further along the path to health at any moment. By putting the power to change health outcomes in the hands of patients, healthcare professionals, carers, and payers, we help health brands create value across today’s connected health ecosystem. To do this, we start with a generous, behaviour-driven ideal then work in lean, agile and iterative ways to turn the ideal into action.

We are a generous, idealistic, straight-talking collection of creatives, strategists, analysts, social media experts, PMs, and client service leads. We work together to help people-centric health brands deliver new business value through new customer experiences. Whether connected content programmes, mobile apps, digital services, or social communities, we use digital and emerging technologies to help healthcare brands build loyalty, break habits, connect care ecosystems, and disrupt traditional markets.

As part of Publicis Health, our small-but-mighty team works to bring applied innovation to a range of global, EMEA and UK clients, working in collaboration with other DH offices in Philadelphia, New York, San Francisco and other sister agencies in London, Windsor and around the world. Learn more about DH at

Job Description

Are you a trained medical writer with more to give? At DH London, you can use your expertise and start to spread your creative wings. Join an agency bringing a human touch and a digital mindset to the world of healthcare.

As a Medical Copywriter at DH London, you’ll be responsible for helping your clients and colleagues to navigate the maze of scientific language to find the compelling human truths at the centre. What does that look like? In this role you will be called on to pick apart a scientific paper, and to translate data and academia-speak for a range of audiences. Then, once you’ve turned the science into story, you’ll be able to reference it solidly enough to survive contact with even the strictest medical review.

You know enough to be capable of assessing your own work to ensure you’re not overstepping the legal and regulatory bounds of pharma. You will come to this role with experience in medical writing, but a desire to spread your wings a bit. We believe great ideas come from anywhere and everywhere. That means however deep into the science you get, we’ll be working to help you find the stories in the data and tell them in the most creative, engaging and effective way possible.

Our work ranges from print to social and web comms all the way through to digital products, machine learning or AR/VR and we’ll aim to give you the opportunities and skills to create content for all these channels. We’re always trying to make something new so every job will present unanticipated technical challenges and questions – we want you to be one of the people suggesting the answers.

Finally, our work is all aimed at real people, dealing with real conditions, whose lives are influenced for better or worse by what we produce. You’ll know how to talk to them in their language. Whether presenting to clients, writing for patients or collaborating with colleagues, you’ll know the right way to phrase your point to get the desired results.


  • A medical / scientific academic background and training
  • Proven experience as a medical writer/copywriter
  • Ideally, you’ll have some conceptual work under your belt
  • Ideally, you’ll have examples of more creative content forms whether in- or outside of work (e.g. a podcast, blog, personal Instagram, etc.)
  • You’ll have a baked-in interest in digital comms, channels, and conversation
  • Driven to expand your experience of this sector
  • Exceptional verbal and written communication skills

Additional Information

About Publicis Health:

At Publicis Health, we are united around one purpose: to create a world where people are equipped and motivated to take control of their health. We transform healthcare marketing and communications into healthcare engagement. We believe healthcare marketing is healthcare, fostering healthy conversations, healthy behaviours and healthy people. With 40 offices and 12 brands across the globe, Publicis Health’s worldwide staff is composed of more than 3,000 healthcare professionals who are experts in advertising and branding, data and analytics, strategic planning, service design, digital media and technology, science, and medicine. Publicis Health companies include: BBK Worldwide, Digitas Health, Heartbeat, insync, Langland, Payer Sciences, PlowShare Group, Publicis Health France, Publicis Health Media, Razorfish Health, Saatchi & Saatchi Wellness, and Verilogue. For more information, visit us at


At Publicis Groupe UK, we’re committed to creating a safe, diverse, and inclusive working environment where everyone can thrive. This begins with striving to ensure our recruitment process is welcoming and allows equal access to opportunity for people regardless of age, disability, gender identity, neurodiversity, age, sex, disability, neurodiversity, sexual orientation, gender identity or religion. We will provide reasonable adjustments for people who have a disability or long-term condition. If you need any adjustments during the application process, please email [email protected]. If you would like us to do anything differently to make your working day easier please contact your Talent Team member.

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