Community Manager ( French)

  • Lebanon, Bayrut, Lebanon
  • Full-time

Company Description

We help grow many of the world's most iconic brands at Leo Burnett. We help grow even more of the world's most talented people. You'll find at Leo Burnett an agency built on ideas and dependent upon the people behind them. A culture that doesn't just respect creativity but cherishes it. And a community where the path you choose is your own, the places you can go limitless.

Today, Leo Burnett is one of the most awarded creative networks in the world. We believe creativity has the power to transform human behavior, and we use ours to help our clients' brands discover their "human purpose" and play meaningful, active roles in people's lives.

Job Description

The Community Manager is responsible for establishing, curating and managing brand presence on public social platforms (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Google+, Pinterest, Tumblr, etc.) by creating and managing editorial content calendars, monitoring online conversations and participating in those conversations to build brand visibility and support brand awareness and engagement

Primary Responsibilities:

Create and manage content for social media conversations and activities

· Generate content from creation to execution for all communities

· Become the voice of the brand on the social media space, engaging in conversations with our target

·  Create and manage a social media friendly content calendar in line with brand's set strategies and communication ideas

·  Manage page/channel daily operations, including themes/skin/layout changes when appropriate.

· Maintain editorial calendars in line with brand communication plans

· Support the team with social integration of current campaigns

· Adhere to the standard practices guide for social channel responsibilities and guidelines

Build community strategy within local market

· Identify, locate and engage advocates and influencers within the various social community sites to foster dialogue and allow discussions about brand promotions/campaigns

· Cultivate a social presence and activate community groups

· Review and respond to user generated comments in order to foster a positive community and add value to the users experience

· Monitor posts and hot topics that are related to your accounts, on different communities, and engage accordingly relying on the strategies and agreements set for our brand

Analytical Reports

· May be required to pull and interpret data based on analytics reports.  If required, the following tasks would be fulfilled by the role

-Provide regular reports during campaign/promotions to highlight key findings from social media forums, key areas reported include:

  • Activity on Pages/channel management
  • Community activity (fans, posts, comments, conversation topics, etc)
  • Moderation actions (posts/comments/content removal/banning)
  • Trends
  • Issues and escalation performed
  • Content opportunities
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