Brand Services Associate

  • 25/2,1th floor,SN towers,Craig Park Layout,, Bangalore, Karnataka, India
  • Full-time

Job Description

·       Manage day to day operations (inter dept coordination, inter dept coordination, finalizing work – taking feedback, understanding how to decode client feedback, artworks, attention to detail, competitive knowledge, market visits, minutes of the meeting.

·       Knowledge of entire process of presenting a campaign to final execution

·       Share learnings regularly – market intel, news etc which impacts the brand in any way.

·       Understand product differentiation viz a viz all competitors

·       Manage Un-approved Estimates, Approved Estimates, Invoicing and outstanding

·       All administrative tasks for the brand team (Internal). Arrange and attend meetings.

·       Understand and learn how to write briefs. And start writing basic briefs

·       Start building a good relationship with clients for them to see you as dependable/reliable, attentive, active, knowledgeable team player

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