Customer Experience Strategist (FTC)

  • 60 Kingly Street, London, United Kingdom
  • Full-time

Company Description

“Our objective is effectiveness. Our strategy is creativity”

John Bartle (BBH’s first strategist)

Here are 3 reasons to pick BBH strategy.

1. Learn how to be even more effective

You’ll be joining the IPA Effectiveness Agency of the Year 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021. Our CSOs Gregor and Will are Campaign’s No.1 Strategists and won the IPA Grand Prix in 2018 for Audi and 2020 for Tesco. So let’s teach you the secrets.

2. Practice the broadest expression of creative strategy

Like John said, our strategy is creativity, whether that’s brand comms, stunts, sites, social, content, experiences, CRM or heavy-duty lower funnel stuff. At BBH you will have a chance to deepen your skills across the whole journey, not just comms.

3. Join a team of thirty open-minded Black Sheep thinkers

One of our themes at BBH right now is Openness - to new people, backgrounds, processes, ways of thinking, audiences, insights, media channels… the list goes on. We’re trying to build the most open- minded strategy department in the world because empathy is our superpower as strategists and the more inspiration we get from different places, the more exciting our work will be.

Job Description

What You’ll Be Doing:

We’re looking for a proven CX practitioner who:

  • Is proficient at deciphering and mapping out opportunities across the ecosystem and creating customer journeys through insight and customer empathy
  • Can bring innovative thinking and experience planning to bring big ideas to life across the customer journey
  • Will be doing this on many of our existing clients, including finding the opportunities there, as well as helping add muscle to our new business process, showing prospective clients how CX thinking can help them grow
  • Doesn’t just want to ‘connect up the pipes’ but wants to fill them with magic too, creating emotional, distinctive and famous experiences


What Skills We’re After:


Pushing the work to be as good as it can be no matter the channel, no matter the sector. A keen eye for creative opportunities driven by an understanding of a brand’s touchpoints combined with the authority and thinking to drive large scale platforms that change businesses.


A temptation to explore the world around us and consider how business, brands and customers interact with it. Crucially, not just the edges of culture, but to find the diversity in the mainstream too. No bubbles, please.


Prove that what we’re doing works. Ultimately, we’re here to increase the value of the brands we serve and we’re proud of the difference we make. Boil down and capture what’s important, change it, measure it, celebrate it.


In the words of another BBH strategist Jim Carroll, “clients want therapy, not solutions.” We expect our strategists to build strong relationships with our clients, understanding their businesses, building confidence in decision making, and demonstrating how we can help them have an impact.

What Behaviours and Values We’re Looking For

  • Excellence – You aim to be the best at what you do
  • Black Sheep – You favour the unorthodox, are highly independent-minded and bring a maverick quality to working because outcomes are all that matter
  • You, amplified – You bring your amplified self to have your own distinct style of strategy
  • Collaborative – You play the orchestra, collaborating with everyone from the creative teams to the connected specialisms but holding the plan together
  • Risky – You push to take bold leaps, even if that means you make mistakes along the way
  • Open - to how exploring and understanding how others think and work
  • Hungry – You are voraciously curious and never stop feeding your mind
  • Generous – You are giving of your energy and ideas to continuously improve the work without your ego in the mix
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