Senior Medical Writer

  • Baker St, Marylebone, London, UK
  • Full-time

Company Description

Saatchi & Saatchi Wellness exists to move the world. We are an agency that moves people and is moved by people.


As technology plays a greater and greater role in our lives, there is a risk it can disconnect us too. We believe that empathy is the skill to keep us human. Empathy combines care & understanding to balance the digital and physical, the scientific and artistic, and the personal and global.


Empathy does not just better connect our work to audiences; it also improves the connection between our clients and us and to one another within the agency.


We pride ourselves on caring about our clients’ business more than they do and strive to demonstrate this in every interaction.


What we do spans everything from strategic consultancy and business transformation, to integrated brand launches and to multi-channel tactical deployment. Shiny awards are not the be-all and end-all, but our trophy cabinet offers recognition of our determination to deliver standout, innovative work for our clients across a broad range of disciplines and specialisms.

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As part Publicis Health, we are fortunate to have the support of a large organisation, opening up opportunities to pitch collaboratively with other agencies in the group and work with an enviable client base.

Job Description

Who you are

We’re looking for someone who’s looking for something. Someone who sidesteps fallacies, skips over facades, pushes further, goes deeper, and surfaces with the unexpected in ways that others don’t. Someone who turns science into enchantment and data into desire. Someone who produces work that sounds like it’s been written by a writer, not monkeyed by a monkey. We’re looking for those special people who find signals in the noise, and stories in the void.


Who we are

Saatchi & Saatchi Wellness is a creative agency operating in the health and wellness space. We work with people we believe in to make work the world can believe in, and we do this by combining the type of interrogative thinking you only find in a high science agency, with the type of brand magic you only find in a creative agency. It’s this unique point of difference that’s helped us achieve fame for both our clients and their brands in everything from aesthetics, supplements, and fertility, to endocrinology, dermatology, and oncology. And the cherry, if you’re looking for one, is that we’re part of Publicis Groupe. So partnering with us gets you access to an almost limitless depth and breadth of skills and talent that we can draw on to cast the perfect team for your needs.


What you’re here to do

You will be working independently or in collaboration with other members of the Creative department (Copywriters/Art Directors and Designers) to develop original, effective communications that demand a high level of medical knowledge. Translating complex clinical information into impactful stories and compelling sales messages is a key part of the job. You will be expected to research and analyse data and write accurately for a wide range of marketing materials, while cultivating a tonally flexible writing style that is adaptable to different target audiences.


The Senior Medical Writer is expected to have the following skills and knowledge:

  • Life sciences degree (PhD preferred but not essential)
  • Excellent written English and attention to detail
  • In-depth knowledge of modern medicine and trends in pharmaceutical product use and development
  • Thorough understanding of how to read and interpret clinical trial data
  •  Familiarity with the medical literature and databases such as PubMed, to perform literature searches and§  corroborate, challenge or strengthen client-supplied materials and messages, as appropriate
  • Good knowledge and appreciation of ethically accepted vocabulary, phrases and messaging used in the pharmaceutical industry
  • Ability to communicate the science behind a brand or product category in an effective, clear and concise manner in individual and group settings (e.g. to inform colleagues)
  • Appreciation of writing for digital media (SEO, delivering a story effectively through digital media, etc.)
  • Good understanding of the internal workings of the agency and the processes of implementation
  • Good working knowledge of client and approval processes
  • Excellent understanding of the ABPI Code of Practice and other relevant compliance codes
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