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  • Full-time

Company Description

Digitas Health London is the People-Powered Health agency: We help brands engage with people to deliver ideal health, now. We design transformative experiences that move people further along the path to health at any moment. By putting the power to change health outcomes in the hands of patients, healthcare professionals, carers, and payers, we help health brands create value across today’s connected health ecosystem. To do this, we start with a generous, behaviour-driven ideal then work in lean, agile and iterative ways to turn the ideal into action.


We are a generous, idealistic, straight-talking collection of creatives, strategists, analysts, social media experts, PMs, and client service leads. We work together to help people-centric health brands deliver new business value through new customer experiences. Whether connected content programmes, mobile apps, digital services, or social communities, we use digital and emerging technologies to help healthcare brands build loyalty, break habits, connect care ecosystems and disrupt traditional markets.


As part of Publicis Health, our small-but-mighty team works to bring applied innovation to a range of global, EMEA and UK clients, working in collaboration with other DH offices in Philadelphia, New York, San Francisco and other sister agencies in London, Windsor and around the world. Learn more about DH at

Job Description


As a Medical Copywriter at Digitas Health, you’ll be one of our resident experts, responsible for helping your clients and colleagues to navigate the maze of scientific language to find the compelling human truths at the centre. You’ll be well-versed in the conventions and core skills of medical communications but, most importantly, you will be curious, brave, willing to try new things.  


We work with some of the most innovative healthcare organisations to develop and manage active, engaged communities. That means using different strategies and different digital channels to drive disease awareness, sharing and engagement. Through our trusted content, we help doctors understand diseases and treatment options or share opinions with leading colleagues – and it’s with your help we make that content as solid and trustworthy as possible.


In your role, you will be expected to:


Medical/Healthcare knowledge 

  • Interpret scientific data relating to a product or its competitor and translate this information into the context of a branded campaign strategy or messaging 
  • Inform colleagues of the science behind products, and be able to contribute towards medical-related discussions with clients 
  • Act as custodian of all medical knowledge for the accounts you will work on
  • Create reference packs for materials
  • Manage the Veeva Vault PromoMats or ZincMaps approval process for materials


Creative Abilities 

  • Find stories in data and tell those stories in everyday language 
  • Create or help guide channel-, message- and tone-appropriate copy for all audiences and media types, from conception to completion
  • Comfortably write copy of all lengths, from single-line tweets to long-copy articles 
  • Concept and ideate in teams, present ideas, and shape creative solutions
  • Think in terms of ecosystems – multiplatform online journeys tied together by a big idea 
  • Hold pride of authorship secondary to that of the overall team’s success
  • Take constructive criticism and use it to make your work even better
  • Have an eye for detail to help ensure work is perfect before it goes to client


Brand/Market/Agency knowledge 

  • Build effective relationships with your agency teams  
  • Manage and work independently, under tight deadlines and while juggling multiple projects concurrently. You will prioritise constantly, and in coordination with your team! 
  • Master all nuances of your work and show an ability to think on your feet 


 Communication Skills 

  • Engage with clients from marketing, medical and compliance backgrounds. 
  • Listen well, and also clearly articulate your own POV in internal and client meetings 
  • Persuasively present work 
  • Proactively chase briefs and manage workflow to ensure you get the time you need to do your best work.  (You’ll involve senior management as necessary.) 
  • Proactively inform management of account statuses, problems, plans and meetings (you’ll involve senior management when necessary) 


Strategic and Tactical Planning 

  • Have a voice and a viewpoint when asked to development of creative briefs and strategic and tactical plans 
  • Have a sense of the client’s marketplace, and be able to evaluate work for its suitability to address a business or communications need 


Interpersonal/Leadership Skills 

  • Have strong presentation skills
  • Facilitate communication across the teams to achieve the required end product for the client 
  • Embrace the spirit of teamwork at all times- collaborating with the account team, the support team and the client 
  • Embrace the reality of working in a fast-paced environment 



You’re digital. That means you have an interest in and affinity to social, web, and app use – and a curiosity about what’s coming next, e.g. Ai, AR/VR, and healthtech. It also means that you are excited by the opportunity to create content for any of those channels! We’re always trying to make something new so every job will present unanticipated technical challenges and questions – you’ll be one of the people suggesting the answers. 


You have experience writing content. Maybe you have some medical content work under your belt – or maybe you write blogs, newsletters, emails, or have dabbled in journalism. You like to simplify messages and tell stories, playing with the malleability and impact of words.  


You’re also medical. You understand how to pick apart a scientific paper, how to take data and academia-speak and translate them for audiences from a range of backgrounds. Not only that but once you’ve turned the science into story, you’ll be able to reference it solidly enough to survive contact with even the strictest medical review. You know enough to be capable of assessing your own work to ensure you’re not overstepping the legal and regulatory bounds of pharma.  


Finally, that our work is all aimed at real people, dealing with real conditions, whose lives are influenced for better or worse by what we produce. You’ll know how to talk to them in their language. Whether presenting to clients, writing for patients or collaborating with colleagues, you’ll know the right way to phrase your point to get the desired results. 


Here's the bullet list version:

·       You have a medical / scientific background and training  

·       You have proven experience as a copywriter 

·       Ideally you’ll already have some conceptual work under your belt 

·       You’ll have a baked-in interest in digital comms, channels, and conversation  

·       You’ll be driven to expand your experience of this sector 

·       You’ll have demonstrated exceptional verbal and written communication skills. 

Additional Information

An inclusive workplace 
The more diverse our team, the more imaginative, intelligent and inspirational our culture and our work will become. Here are some of the ways we help promote diversity at Langland. 

•            Diversity & Inclusion management 
•            Anonymised CV submissions
•            Mandatory unconscious bias training 
•            Career and school programmes  to build access to industry for people from mixed socio-economic backgrounds

•            Support communities for women, LGBTQ+, BAME employees and their allies  

•            A mental health programme which includes free HeadSpace membership.

Publicis Groupe has committed €45 million to diversity,   inclusion and social injustice within the network.

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