Visual Experience Designer

  • 35 W Wacker Dr, Chicago, IL 60601, USA
  • Full-time

Job Description

Visual Experience Designer, Leo Burnett Group & Publicis NA

Come join a Groupe wide studio for Design thinkers, makers and evangelists. In this role you’ll have one hand in active system design, brand design and service design responsibilities with client teams on the ground. You’ll have one hand in pitching new business opportunities to existing clients across agencies. And one hand on growing XD capabilities and community across multiple agencies in North America. (Yes, you’ll need three hands).


  • Be a leader and consult for best practices, ways forward
  • Inspire with best-in-class examples of product and interface design
  • You visualize strategic opportunities through interfaces, product mocks, and sketches


  • Provide direction and guidance to design teams
  • Design solutions from scratch for business development
  • Review and guide work from creative teams


  • Work with Client Partners to uncover organic XD opportunities
  • Organize XD communities across Agencies
  • Manage a monthly XD Roundtable across Agencies
  • Spur XD thought leadership from Groupe wide Agencies Leadership
  • Establish yourself as an industry leader · Mentor teams and other agency leaders


  • Establish yourself as a team leader · Build strong relationships across agency discipline leads
  • Manage up to Agency leadership



You are an interface guru. You are a visually inspired thinker who takes time to examine how humans engage with the world.

You are a brand designer. You understand brands as personalities. You can deconstruct a brand and rebuild it in an afternoon InDesign session.

You like to tell visual stories. You would rather draw me a picture than write me a letter. Although you can write me a letter if it was really, really important.

You obsess over the details. That line break is off. The counter is too big. That’s not exactly centered. You may think it’s a personality flaw, we see it as a core competency.

You have a balance of right and left brain thinking. You are equal parts design and business. You think systematically about how design plays out in the real world.

You have a strong point-of-view and competency in two out of the following four: 

  1. Insights: Behavioral, Cultural and Trends
  2. Design: Product, Brand, Experience, Interface
  3. Business: Strategy, Organizational Design, Operations
  4. Technology: AR, VR, AI, You are a self-starter. You work well in ambiguity. You can always see a path forward. You ask forgiveness not permission.

Position Requirements:

  • Confidence
  • Sharp skillz​​​​​​

Additional Information

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