Arabic Copywriter

  • Lebanon, Bayrut, Lebanon
  • Full-time

Company Description

We help grow many of the world's most iconic brands at Leo Burnett. We help grow even more of the world's most talented people. You'll find at Leo Burnett an agency built on ideas and dependent upon the people behind them. A culture that doesn't just respect creativity but cherishes it. And a community where the path you choose is your own, the places you can go limitless.

Today, Leo Burnett is one of the most awarded creative networks in the world. We believe creativity has the power to transform human behavior, and we use ours to help our clients' brands discover their "human purpose" and play meaningful, active roles in people's lives.

Job Description

We’re not only looking for a writer.

We’re looking for a person that thinks beyond the text.

A person that is in love with finding original and engaging ideas, and won’t rest until they crack it. 

A thinker that knows how to craft ideas into beautiful words. Be it a memorable headline, a moving manifesto, or a funny post, even a beautiful film, that needs no words at all.

A person in love with the Arabic language and that can strategically piece it together to form an emotional manifesto copy just as well as  funny, short, and engaging digital content

A person who understands that no copy is created equal and that different brands have different tones.

A person that is aware of what is happening in all aspects of culture, from movies to TikTok, Netflix series, TV, IG, pop culture, local, regional, and international.

A person in touch with the local and regional Arabic cultural scene (digital platforms, music, books...)

A person who is able to organize and prioritize a weekly workload and can take a brief and can come back with a well-formed idea.

A person who can adapt from an English copy and not translate it.

We’re not only looking for a writer.


Role Overview:

There’s no “day to day” in your job because every day is a new medium, a new message and a new chance to make brilliant creative, but here are a few things you can be expected to deliver consistently:

  • A keen pulse on everything on and offline, particularly Arabic content
  • Have the ability to translate concepts that are both regionally and culturally relevant
  • Have the ability to create regionally lead idea
  • An exuberant work ethic and exacting attention to detail, whether it’s punctuating your copy, answering a brief, or staying true to the brand’s tone and style
  • A love of collaborating with your team members – creative directors, art directors, designers, and other equally talented eccentrics – to consistently deliver polished, award-worthy work
  • Cross-channel perfection: One concept, so many messaging mediums – you’ll be a master at making an idea translate effectively and flawlessly across all marketing assets

Experience Desired:

  • Experience in a creative agency – and a killer book that highlights the amazing work you’ve done.
  • Mastery in developing integrated copy.
  • Communication skills that leave no room for questions or angst – you’re straightforward, 
  • This person typically has more than 3 years of professional experience 



The ideal candidates will have:

  • Energy, a sense of humor, and an open and a curious mind (yes, these things really do matter)
  • Demonstrated ability to work with and support cross-functional project teams 
  • Excellent verbal, written, presentation, and interpersonal communications skills 
  • Strong attention to detail and focusses on task completion 
  • Experience working in an integrated agency ecosystem
  • A focus on solutions 
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