Senior Account Executive

  • Baker St, Marylebone, London, UK
  • Full-time

Company Description

Welcome to Langland. A health communications agency that helps people, brands and businesses think further.

Four disciplines in one
We believe in the power of different perspectives. It’s why we have brought together four key health disciplines – Clinical Trial Experience, Medical Strategy & Education, PR & Policy and Advertising. This close collaboration allows our clients have the very best minds in health caring for the most important parts of their business. 

Why think further?
When you remain open to working with others, you find answers you wouldn’t expect. Our vast experience allows us to pull-in the right people at the right moment. It’s why at times we may partner with medics, artists, marketers or policymakers to help you get the best results. 

A passion for craft
Having expert thinking is only part of our story. To ensure excellence in everything we make, we have centred our disciplines around three essential crafts: science, strategy and creativity. 
•            Science – everything we say is medically sound 
•            Strategy – everything we do is well thought out 
•            Creativity – everything we make is truly memorable   

Job Description

Working as a Senior Account Executive enable you to enhance your client management skillset and in addition, we can offer you unique exposure to cross-discipline insights and experience.

Key duties include:

  • Working closely with the wider account management team helping us grow the account, providing financial updates, analysing new industry trends, and managing projects.
  • Owning the logistics, administration and day-to-day work associated with the account.
  • Being responsible for budget updates, invoices and status reports, while learning all you can from the account manager, account director and senior account director in the team.
  • Communicating effectively at all levels, be professional, friendly and eager to learn as many new skills as you can.
  • Being able to compose persuasive, credible written communication both internally and externally, you should demonstrate creativity, insight, and confidence at all times.

This is a hands-on role and we have no doubt that it will be challenging at times - but the agency is a lot of fun to work with and well worth the effort. Teamwork and collaboration are at the heart of our business offering and you will notice how well we all work together if you come in to see us for an interview. There are tight deadlines, fast-moving projects and clients who only demand the best from us – but if you were the sort of person who thrives in this type of environment then we would love to hear from you.

Additional Information

An inclusive workplace 
The more diverse our team, the more imaginative, intelligent and inspirational our culture and our work will become. Here are some of the ways we help promote diversity at Langland. 

•            Diversity & Inclusion management 
•            Anonymised CV submissions
•            Mandatory unconscious bias training 
•            Career and school programmes  to build access to industry for people from mixed socio-economic backgrounds

•            Support communities for women, LGBTQ+, BAME employees and their allies
•            A mental health programme which includes free HeadSpace membership.

Publicis Groupe has committed €45 million to diversity,   inclusion and social injustice within the network.

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