Senior Experience Technologist

  • 82 Baker St, Marylebone, London W1U 6TE, UK
  • Full-time

Company Description

Publicis•Poke is a collection of 250+ creatively-minded practitioners who combine their talents in storytelling, experience design and system thinking to help brands create Living Ideas. These are ideas that earn a place in everyday life, that live and breathe in culture, that can grow and evolve through time.

We are a new agency, launched in May 2019, but formed from a blend of industry veterans Publicis London, POKE and Arc. As an agency, we thrive at the intersection of brand communications, experience and commerce, taking a human-centric approach to design the best outcomes for our client’s customers, and hence our clients.

Job Description

  • You'll need solid technical skills...but more than that, you'll be a passionate exponent of technology as a discipline and able to create things which demonstrate new ways of thinking about the experiences which people have with brands. 
  • You'll be agnostic about particular stacks, understand what their strengths and weaknesses are and when to apply them.  You'll be pragmatic about budget and time constraints and able to give realistic estimates on what's needed to get something done.
  • You'll work deeply embedded within the creative process, alongside people from many disciplines and backgrounds (not just digital) and be charged with exploring realistic executions of creative ideas which can harness everything amazing which tech can do.
  • Sometimes you'll be prototyping. Sometimes you'll be outlining solutions and finding partners to help build it. Sometimes you'll be building the whole thing yourself.  Sometimes that might be something so cool you'll be annoyed you can't tell everyone about it yet.  Sometimes it'll be a microsite we need to knock up in a day.
  • You'll work closely with a superb UX and digital design team, and with a building full of creatives from varying backgrounds, some of whom won't know the first thing about code. It'll be your job to bring the solution to life for them and give them realistic roots to grow their ideas from.


  • Solid, demonstrable experience in the JS ecosystem - especially in React, Node and ES6. We'll expect you not only to be able to code to dependable standards, but also to be able to pick up and explore new frameworks quickly.
  • Workflow and toolchain comfort - git, npm, webpack, docker, static site generators and similar tools.
  • Front end and styling finesse - Sass, PostCSS, Markup templating languages etc. We are agnostic about which ones, but we'll expect you to make smart choices and be able to translate design systems and intent accurately across browsers and devices.
  • Server side and application exposure - whilst this isn't a fully-fledged back end role, some full stack skills across Python/PHP/Node and database design (Mongo/Postgres) would be an advantage.  You won't be building for enterprise, but the ability to spin up small scale server side applications to support functionality, connect to and parse APIs and deal with data to power the user experience will be essential.
  • Creative coding languages and frameworks, including physical computing, even at hacker level a distinct advantage - Processing, OF, Arduino and Raspberry Pi. In the last year we've done things in XR, voice, chatbots, AI and physical computing and, whilst we'll always bring in specialist help when we need it, the ability to explore these things is at the core of what we do here.
  • Some devops exposure. Whilst this isn't a core skillset, we'll expect you to be able to manage CI, deployment and configuration for your own projects across platforms like Netlify, AWS, Heroku and the like.

Additional Information

‘Diversity and inclusion is a core part of who we are at Publicis UK. We’re committed to building an inclusive culture that encourages, celebrates and supports our wonderfully diverse employee group – whatever their age, gender identity, race, sexual orientation, physical or mental ability or ethnicity. Diversity and inclusion doesn’t just fuel our creativity and innovation, it brings us closer to our people and audiences. We will continue to strive to create a culture and environment where everyone feels empowered and more importantly comfortable enough to bring their full, authentic selves to work.

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