Global Strategy Director

  • Joop Geesinkweg 209, 1114 AB Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Full-time

Company Description

Starcom is a thriving international media network which is part of Publicis Groupe.

We are the Human Experience Company.  

We believe the media industry that is in danger of losing sight of what matters most to create successful marketing  - understanding and connecting with consumers as people.   People with fears, ambitions, emotions and needs that change moment to moment.  We therefore take a relentlessly people centric approach to driving growth for clients.  These include Proctor and Gamble, Visa, Airbnb, Coca-Cola, Fiat, Lidl, Heineken and Samsung.

Job Description

The Role

This role exists to deliver strategic excellence for Heineken’s flagship global lager brand.

•    Partner with Publicis in an integrated  way of working spanning strategic planning, creative development activation that is truly data driven and delivers on Heineken’s marketing agenda of personalized communications - iDDM (individualised Data Driven Marketing)
•    Apply this approach on Heineken global brand campaigns (e.g. Champions League, Rugby World Cup, James Bond, 0.0). This involves:  a) close collaboration with Publicis during the creative development process to ensure that data driven insights fuel 
ideation, b) advising on how creative ideas are able to be “personalised” in media, c) delivering best-in-class integrated playbooks and then d) advising and inspiring in-market Starcom teams to ensure they are executing in line with the agreed global strategy.
•    Work with Heineken GMD (Global Media & Digital) team to help produce and drive best practice throughout Heineken’s global markets. 


This role is ideal for a strategy director who can think and act beyond the usual confines of ‘media’:  help improve creative product, drive a marketing leading data driven planning agenda, think across a huge array of diverse global markets.   And, you get to think about beer all day in Amsterdam! 
•    A strong understanding and sensibility for creative development. A major element is partnering with Publicis strategy teams in London and Milan to deliver a true integrated approach for Heineken brand. 
•    Strong digital and data credentials. Heineken have a clear agenda with iDDM. The strategist has to deliver that at both the creative development level, writing media guidance for Heineken campaigns and is also a key stakeholder in partnering with the data lead to drive the iDDM agenda in Starcom markets.
•    Gravitas and ability to think on their feet. Dutch business culture is straightforward and direct. Heineken has a strong debating culture and expect all parties to have significant contribution in all meetings. The SD needs to be able to stand up to questioning and able to contribute on a range of subjects, especially creative.
•    Global experience a definite advantage. Understand how to deliver work at a high level with playbooks and best practices and then write and deliver them in a way that’s understandable and easy for markets to follow. 
•    A natural collaborator. The role requires the SD to connect and work with a number of internal and external stakeholders. This includes working with Starcom COE’s to generate insight and value, multiple constituents at the Publics level, work closely with account and data teams in the Amsterdam hub. To work effectively the SD must be plugged into numerous workstreams and be comfortable in working with complexity.  This also includes working with other agency partners, specifically DAN Red Star.

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