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Let’s be honest –in this industry, sometimes we complicate things that should be simple. Here is the bottom line:we want YOU to join us if you are truly passionate about guiding marketers on how to best connect their brands with people. It doesn’t get much simpler than that.At Spark Foundry, we have a unique approach and provide the support tohelp you do this. In fact, our approach is built on creating the space for ideas that lead to smart work, and Spark Foundry is built to celebrate and develop YOUR ideas.


Throughout our rich history, we’ve taken pride in our ongoing legacy of and commitment to constant evolution. It’s in our DNA to evolve.By melding the spirit of a startup and the soul of a powerhouse across our business, we aim to bring modern heat to brands –the kind of heat that arises at the intersection of startup and powerhouse; of data and content; of art and science; of old and new.Energy and innovation fuels our startup spirit, while the unrivaled marketplace clout, exclusive partnerships, and global practice capabilities we have at our disposal as a full-service Publicis Media agency deliver our powerhouse soul for our clients.We hope you’ll take a few moments to learn more about us, and to begin thinking about how we might put “the power of plus” to work for you.To learn more, visit

Job Description

The Team/Department Profile

Spark Foundry’s planning department is the heart of the agency – in terms of its function, its people and its location.  We are diverse in our experience, personalities, nationalities and the clients we look after - and we celebrate that diversity. 

Our clients are professional but also creative and fun and this is reflected in the way we work and relate to each other.  We know the way to deliver great work is to work together – and we enjoy it. We are a tight-knit team who socialize together and share in each other’s successes.

We are passionate about the sectors our clients work in (in this case Entertainment & booze!) and would welcome people who share our enthusiasm.


The Clients

The Cineworld relationship with Spark Foundry is long established, having been a client of ours for over 15 years.  They are the largest Cinema chain in the UK and have around 100 sites across the country. They are continuing to grow and launch new sites and propositions on a regular basis.

The brand’s ambition is to be the ‘best place to watch a movie’ and Cineworld are very much leaders in market innovation, offering the first 4DX screens in the UK (there are now 20 of them including the 1st in central London at Leicester Square), as well as IMAX and now VIP screen services.

As a multi-site retail business, there is an ongoing need to drive footfall into cinema’s year round, but their marketing team also support specific campaign initiatives including activity around their subscription card ‘Unlimited’ as well as seasonal Family initiatives and new site openings. The account has many layers and really stretches those who work on it in the right way.

We also work with IMAX in the film space. Although you will find IMAX screens in some Cineworld multiplexes, they are a completely separate client. We are tasked with driving footfall into IMAX cinemas for some of the year’s most exciting releases.

The Brown Forman relationship with Spark is in its 4th year and it is a Global client. Their flagship brand, or ‘beating heart’ as they call it, is of course, Jack Daniels. JD continues to be the UK’s biggest selling Whiskey by some distance. Jack and Coke is the UK’s 2nd most popular bar call. As well as their classic Tennessee Whisky, we also do work for their Honey and Fire flavoured whiskies. Over and above Jack Daniels, Brown Forman cover a range of different brands. Woodford Reserve is a high quality Bourbon and they have recently acquired 3 Scotch Whiskey brands. Chambord has been a huge success story in recent years. In short, they have a number of exciting brands in an exciting category.



This role is split across the above 3 accounts and would benefit an ambitious, individual who has the vision and skills to move the brands forward in new directions. You need to have great communication (both written and verbal) and interpersonal skills – our clients like to be challenged but with diplomacy. Close attention to detail, people management skills and a positive attitude are also crucial.

You will need to have a firm foundation in both traditional media (TV, OOH, Print etc) and digital. You will be expected to develop ideas both internally and within a cross-agency group that challenge our clients and make their brands famous. 

As our budgets steadily increase YoY, we seek innovation, strive to build upon momentum, surpass our client objectives and goals, all with the aim of delivering world class work along the journey.  Joining the team at SPARK FOUNDRY will provide opportunities to produce and deliver outstanding and rewarding product.

In addition our Associate Directors are critical to the pulse and success of the agency.  They drive our agency positioning, growth and development. We seek talent that is collaborative, enthusiastic, innovative, experts in client servicing, people management, and are personally motivated in helping shape and evolve the brands we partner with.

You will be expected to demonstrate your confidence and understanding of working with high profile brands and have a track record of developing innovative work.  We must therefore continually challenge ourselves and our clients to deliver work that continues to stand out and gets the brands noticed.

We expect our Associate Directors to also lead by example and mentor and train the rising stars at our agency so we are always prepared for the future.

You will be required to develop ideas with both internal and external teams that challenge our clients and makes their brands famous. 

As a person you will be highly enthusiastic and collaborative, it’s essential here at SPARK FOUNDRY that you can get your point across and bring your client, team and line manager along with you. 


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