Electrical Design Engineer 电气设计工程师

  • Unit 308, Building 54, No. 133 TangXing Rd, Nanshan, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
  • Full-time

Company Description

Prime Robotics is committed to making Robots that Revolutionize the Supply Chain. Born from experience building and deploying WMS software for large warehouses around the World, we understand Logistics.
Headquartered in Denver, Colorado with sales and marketing teams, Prime also has a Research and Development center in Shenzhen, China. The company currently designs and sells Goods-to-Persons (G2P) robots that dramatically reduce labor needs in warehouses. 
Prime aims to create a fun working environment for people who are driven to see their efforts have an impact on the real World. We are enthusiastic to contribute to the freeing of humans from the mundane. Welcome to join us!


Job Description

You will work closely with hardware and software engineers and product managers to have simple yet robust electrical designs. You will design the power distribution systems and layout the PCBs of robots that will be massively produced.

  1. Come up with architectural and electrical system design initiatives
  2. Design, evaluate and implement Electrical Engineering processes, tools and standards to optimize work and ensure high quality
  3. Design, test, and validate integration of custom PCBs with off-the-shelf electronics for a holistic system design solution, including power electronics, sensors, motor controller and communication buses


  1. 负责输出配电系统的设计方案
  2. 设计、评估和实施电气工程流程,工具和标准,以优化工作并确保高质量
  3. 设计、测试和验证定制PCB与现成电子设备的集成,以实现整体系统设计解决方案,包括:电力电子,传感器,电机控制器和通信总线等


  1. Bachelors, Masters or PhD in Electrical or Computer Engineering or related technical field
  2. 5+ years of professional hands-on experience in robotics or related field
  3. Technical experience (any of the following):
    - Power electronics, analog and digital circuits, and motor driver system
    - Embedded sensing (e.g. motor position feedback, environmental sensing, etc.)
    - Navigation sensing (e.g. LIDAR, camera, etc.)
    - Analog and digital filtering circuitry
  4. Experience transitioning designs from concept to schematic to printed circuit (PCB) implementation (Altium Designer experience is preferred)
  5. Strong English reading and writing skills. Able to communicate with international team members
  1. 电气、电子信息科学或相关技术领域的本科以上;
  2. 5年以上的机器人或相关领域工作经验;
  3. 技术经验(以下任何一种):
    - 电力电子,模拟和数字电路以及电机驱动系统
    - 模拟电路仿真
    - 导航感应(例如激光雷达,相机等)
    - 电池干扰及电池辐射EMC的经验
  4. 从概念到原理图到印刷电路(PCB)实现的设计转换经验(首选Altium Designer经验)
  5. 良好的英语阅读和写作技巧,可与国际团队成员沟通


  • Experience in designing motor control systems of robots
  • Experience in designing navigation systems such as LIDAR or Stereo vision
  • Good spoken English to communicate with international team-members and customers
  • Experience in developing robotic systems


  • 具有机器人电机控制系统设计经验
  • 导航系统设计经验,如激光雷达或立体视觉
  • 良好的英语口语,可与国际团队成员和客户沟通
  • 开发机器人系统的经验

Additional Information

Company Chinese Address
公司地址: 深圳南山区塘兴路133号集悦城54栋集动空间308