Linux Developer(Linux C 工程师)

  • Unit 308, Building 54, No. 133 TangXing Rd, Nanshan, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
  • Full-time

Company Description

Prime Robotics is committed to make Robots that Revolutionize the Supply Chain. Born from experience building and deploying WMS software for large warehouses around the World, we understand Logistics.
Headquartered in Denver, Colorado with sales and marketing teams, Prime also has a Research and Development center in Shenzhen, China. The company currently designs and sells Goods-to-Persons (G2P) robots that dramatically reduce labor needs in warehouses. 
Prime aims to create a fun working environment for people who are driven to see their efforts have an impact on the real World. We are enthusiastic to contribute to the freeing of humans from the mundane. Welcome to join us!


Job Description


1. Understand the needs of application software in Linux system from oversea customers and according to product functions, conduct functional designs and develop codes
2. Coordinate with teams to develop application software as planned and maintain high-quality codes
3. Develop software application of Linux payment terminal for overseas business, and independently analyze project needs, also design, develop, maintain and test the software
4. Provide remote and on-site technical training, technical support, adjustment, on-line support etc. for overseas customers that are using Linux payment products
5. Write, update and maintain technical documents, and continuously improve products, including their functions and performance


1. 进行Linux系统下应用软件的需求沟通(海外客户),根据产品功能,进行功能设计,代码开发
2. 能按照项目计划与团队完成应用软件的开发,提高代码质量
3. 负责Linux支付终端海外业务的应用程序开发,能独立完成项目的需求分析,设计,开发,维护,测试等工作
4. 负责Linux支付产品的海外客户的远程及现场的技术培训,技术支持,开发调试,上线支援等工作
5. 规范代码和文档的编写和维护,持续的完善产品,提高产品功能和性能


1. Bachelor‘s or above degree in Computer or related field
2. 2 + years of hands-on experience in C/C++ programming in Linux Platform
3. Solid knowledge of C/C++ with good foundation of data structure and algorithm
4. Proficiency in software development in the Linux system
5. Familiar with Network Programming, Multithreaded Programming
6. Good written and spoken English skills with at least a CET6 level
7. Strong sense of accountability and proactive to take responsibilities. Excellent interpersonal and teamwork skills, self-motivated problem solver and strategic thinker. Enthusiastic for technology with hands-on capability
8. Experience in working abroad and get used to short-term working abroad is preferred
9. Experience or preferences in Android development is preferred         

1. 本科以上学历,计算机相关专业
2. 有2年左右相关Linux平台C/C++开发经验
3. 扎实的C/C++基础,具有良好的数据结构和算法基础
4. 精通Linux系统环境下的软件开发
5. 熟悉网络编程,多线程编程
6. 英语6级以上,熟练阅读英文资料,良好的口语沟通能力;
7. 责任心强,有主动承担责任的担当;良好的沟通和团队协作能力,良好的问题分析能力;热爱技术,动手能力强
8. 能胜任短期的海外出差,有海外出差经验者优先

Additional Information

Company Chinese Address
公司地址: 深圳南山区塘兴路133号集悦城54栋集动空间308