Algorithm Engineer 算法工程师

  • Unit 308, Building 54, No. 133 TangXing Rd, Nanshan, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
  • Full-time

Company Description

Prime Robotics is committed to make Robots that Revolutionize the Supply Chain. Born from experience building and deploying WMS software for large warehouses around the World, we understand Logistics.
Headquartered in Denver, Colorado with sales and marketing teams, Prime also has a Research and Development center in Shenzhen, China. The company currently designs and sells Goods-to-Persons (G2P) robots that dramatically reduce labor needs in warehouses. 
Prime aims to create a fun working environment for people who are driven to see their efforts have an impact on the real World. We are enthusiastic to contribute to the freeing of humans from the mundane. Welcome to join us!


Job Description

We are seeking a member to join our high-performance algorithm team. This is a regular full-time staff position for employment after probation.

1. Build prototypes based on Graph Map (2D and 3D) and develop Robot Control System (RCS)
2. Develop, test and optimize the algorithm for robotic motion planning, obstacle avoidance
3. Analyze data of Robot navigation and optimize robotic operation paths
4. Write, update and maintain technical documents


1. 参与基于Graph 地图建模(2D 和 3D),参与机器人控制系统(RCS)软件开发
2. 负责机器人运动规划、避障核心算法的开发、代码测试和优化
3. 负责机器人导航数据分析,优化路线规划效果
4. 完成技术文档的编写与维护


1. Master or above degree in Computer, Electronic Communication, Automation, Navigation or related field
2. 3 + years of hands-on experience in C/C++ or Java
3. Solid knowledge of mathematics and algorithm theory. Proficiency in at least one of the path planning algorithm such as Dijkstra, A*, D*, or algorithms such as traversal planning and search planning
4. Proficiency in path planning and obstacle avoidance algorithms and demonstrated ability to apply various optimization algorithms for numerical optimization is a plus
5. Able to learn quickly, solve problems independently and analyze issues logically
6. Good written English skills
7. Experience in mobile robot development or SLAM algorithms is preferred

1. 计算机,电子通信,自动化、导航等相关专业,硕士及以上学历
2. 3年以上C/C++或Java语言开发经验
3. 具有扎实的数学和算法理论功底,至少掌握Dijkstra、A*、D*等一种路径规划算法,以及遍历规划,搜索规划等算法
4. 熟悉路径规划和避障算法,能够熟练应用各种优化算法进行数值最优化求解可优先考虑
5. 具有快速的学习能力,良好的解决问题及逻辑分析能力
6. 良好的英文资料阅读能力
7. 有移动机器人开发经验或SLAM算法经验者优先

Additional Information

Company Chinese Address
公司地址: 深圳南山区塘兴路133号集悦城54栋集动空间308