Lead Embedded Software Engineer 高级嵌入式工程师

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Prime Robotics designs and builds robots for the logistics and manufacturing industries.  We are a dynamic, entrpreneurial company.  This inudstry is new and the key to our success is to move fast and be creative.  Our robots cut operating expenses for warehouses by 80%, which means we add enormous value for our customers.  We are designing our second generation robots now that will revolutionize the logistics industry.  We will have a huge impact on society and achieve great things that we can be proud of for the rest of our careers.


You will play a key role in leading and developing the embedded software system design of our autonomous robotic platform.  You will have the opportunity to create a fresh design implementing your concepts from prototype to production.  You will work closely with fellow hardware and software developers on technical implementation and with product managers and senior leadership to understand customer requirements and implementation strategy. We are looking for a candidate that can work independently and also function well within a team, is flexible, self-motivated, curious and willing to revolutionize the world of autonomous robotics. 

  • Work closely with a multidisciplinary design team to prototype, develop and bring to market innovative robotic systems focused on outstanding customer experience, reliability and cost 
  • Lead architectural, design, implement, and validation of embedded robotic applications (C/C++. Python, etc.) 
  • Integrate and test software solutions in simulation and on the robotic systems 
  • Develop software for integration of custom PCBs with off-the-shelf electronics for a holistic system design solution, including; power electronics, sensors, motor controller and communication buses 

您将在机器人的嵌入式软件系统设计中发挥关键作用。您将有机会实现将设计变为实物,将模型投入生产的成就。您将与技术实施方面的硬件和软件开发人员密切合作,并与产品经理和高级领导层一起了解客户需求和实施策略。能够独当一面并且能领导团队,对机器人行业充满兴趣与热情, 愿意加入我们以彻底改变机器人世界。

  • 与多学科设计团队密切合作,开发创新机器人系统并推向市场,以实现卓越的客户体验
  • 领导机器人嵌入式应用程序的设计,实施和测试(C / C ++。Python等)
  • 在仿真和机器人系统中,整合和测试软件解决方案
  • 开发用于集成定制PCB和现成电子设备的软件,以实现整体系统设计解决方案,包括:电力电子,传感器,电机控制器和通信总线


  • Bachelors, Masters or PhD in Robotics, Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering or related technical field  
  • 5+ years designing and developing software for complex electro-mechanical systems 
  • Strong software system design experience with hardware focus 
  • Technical experience (any of the following): 
  • Microcontrollers hardware development (e.g. STMicro, ARM, PIC, etc.) 
  • Embedded OS development (e.g. Mbed OS, Arduino, uCOS)  
  • Motor controller interfacing and development 
  • Basic control theory implementation (e.g. PID) 
  • Experience working with and developing for off-the-shelf and/or custom motor controllers 
  • Experience working with and developing for communication protocols which may include: 
  • CAN or EtherCAT 
  • I2C/SPI 
  • Ethernet and USB 
  • Strong English reading and writing skills to communicate with international team-members 
  •  机器人,计算机科学,计算机工程,电气工程或相关技术领域的本科及以上学历
  • 5年以上复杂机电系统设计和开发软件经验
  • 以硬件为重点的强大软件系统设计经验
  • 技术经验(以下任何一种):
  •   o 微控制器硬件开发(例如STMicro,ARM,PIC等)
  •   o 嵌入式OS开发(例如Mbed OS,Arduino,uCOS)
  •   o 电机控制器接口和开发
  •   o 基本控制理论实施(例如PID)
  •  使用和开发现成的和/或定制的电机控制器的经验
  • 使用和开发通信协议的经验,其中可能包括:
  •    o CAN或EtherCAT
  •    o I2C / SPI
  •    o 以太网和USB
  • 良好的英语阅读和写作技巧,可与国际团队成员沟通