Personnel Security Specialist

  • Washington, DC, USA, Washington, DC
  • Full-time

Job Description

  • Responsible for ensuring that the selectees to expeditiously receive security approval 
  • Responsible for tracking the status of all selectees  
  • Initiate tentative hires into the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) Electronic Questionnaires for Investigations Processing (e-QIP) and forward the additional appropriate security paperwork to tentative hires, attorneys, non-attorneys and contractors, within the Division, unless the tentative hire has a current, appropriate investigation verified through the Personnel Investigations Processing System (PIPS). 
  • Follow up with tentative hires if security paperwork is not received within the appropriate timeframe
  • Once the security paperwork is received, review for missing or derogatory information and if required, request additional information from applicant
  • Initiate FBI name check request
  • Run FBI fingerprints using Live Scan or scan fingerprint cards as appropriate
  • Run Equifax credit checks, review for debt issues and contact tentative hire for supporting documentation, if applicable
  • Request supporting documentation for additional derogatory issues and prepare requests for Letters of Support for the Security Programs Manager’s signature
  • Complete employment/personal reference vetting as appropriate
  • Prepare e-QIP applications for release to OPM and upload required supporting documents for non-attorney tentative hires, if applicable
  • Check for background investigation scheduling date and case numbers through PIPS
  • Prepare and submit waiver packages to Human Resources (HR) and coordinate with HR, the Office of Attorney Recruitment and Management (OARM), or the Justice Management Division (JMD) when necessary
  • Obtain waiver approval from JMD Personnel Security Group (PERSEG) where applicable
  • Maintain and destroy applicant security files in accordance with records retention regulations
  • Create new employment and investigation records, upload required documents, and record all record checks in JSTARS
  • Forward security packages to HR and/or OARM and route in JSTARS as necessary
  • Review Joint Personnel Adjudication System (JPAS) printouts and Visit Authorization Requests (VAR)
  • Prepare clearance requests and clearance certifications
  • Conduct preliminary review of completed background investigations and compile recommendations for adjudicative decisions
  • Assist with issuance and distribution of proximity cards and Kastle Keys for new hires and re-issuance of the aforementioned
  • Complete the Access Card/Credential Request Form (OBD 232.1) after issuing proximity card
  • Additional security related functions, to include assistance with contractor personnel processing, NCIC checks for building visitors, enrollment and activation of HSPD-12 PIV cards, responding to inquiries received in webmail accounts and by phone, et


  • High School Diploma
  • Experience with EQIP, PIPS, JSTARS
  • Ability to accurately set work priorities to ensure timely task assignment completion

Additional Information

  • Job Location:            Washington, DC
  • Job Type:                   Full-Time
  • Security Clearance: Clearable to Public Trust
  • Pay Rate:                   Up to $50K (Depends on Experience)