System Developer

  • Vanemuise 7, 51004 Tartu, Estonia
  • Full-time

Job Description

Playtech Infrastructure unit is looking for a spectacular System Developer, ready to join us in our challenge of lifting our infrastructure platform managing tools to the next level. You will be developing a sophisticated toolset to help manage and automate a huge setup of 30000+ physical and logical devices and services in 70+ geographic locations around the globe, delivering the best solutions for the complex world of IT infrastructure. In addition, you will participate in the design and development of our custom-built infrastructure-as-a-service platform that is provided to numerous Playtech products and internal teams.


  • Develop state of the art tools managing the entire infrastructure platform.
  • Participate and have an active word in the research and implementation of new infrastructure management solutions
  • Work together with various internal teams to develop efficient and automated solutions for their problems



  • Previous experience as a software developer and love for coding is mandatory
  • Prior experience with one or more of the following technologies would be a huge plus but is not strictly required: Javascript, Ruby, Rerl, Python, GO, Docker, Kubernetes, Puppet, VMware, GitLab
  • Good knowledge about modern software development practices and IT solutions
  • Ability and willingness to work independently and to constructively participate in all phases of software development, including analysis and testing

Additional Information


  • Opportunity to work with and learn from leading system specialists and experts having world class experience and skill level

  • Chance to work on complicated and serious problems, with the luxury of seeing the results of your work used right away by the specialist end-users of your tools

  • Freedom to research and choose the most suitable technologies to get things done

  • Unique possibilities for professional growth - not only are you able to participate in all phases of software development, but you will also have a front row seat to see a world-scale IT infrastructure in action



We are the front-line unit tasked with a wide range of duties from keeping the lights on 24/7 to carrying out complex development projects. We are a friendly, closely co-operating group with developed roles. Our work is agile and initiative is highly encouraged. Distinguishable features of the team are very wide variety of commitments and a great understanding and visibility in near all Playtech related IT topics

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