Reliability Engineer

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Company Description

PPS customer is a growing food company. 

Job Description

Job Summary:

Provide and/or improve asset/capacity reliability through technical support of the maintenance function and optimization of the preventive/predictive maintenance process.  The Reliability Engineer is responsible for the correction of repetitive equipment failures by analyzing equipment history.


Job Responsibilities:

·        Coordinates with the engineering department to ensure the maintainability of new capital projects and modified installations.

·        Ensures that spare parts list, equipment manuals, and prints are provided for all new installations and that they are consistent with established standards.

·        Participates in the final check out of such capital and project installations.

·        Establishes and documents maintenance procedures for all new installations.

·        Guides efforts to ensure reliability and maintainability of equipment, processes, utilities, facilities, controls, and safety/security systems.

·        Professionally and systematically defines, designs, develops, monitors and refines the preventive (PM)/predictive (PdM) maintenance process.

·        Ensures proper operating SOP’s and non-operating maintenance job plans for maximum equipment life.

·        Lubrication program management.

·        Inspections, adjustments, replacements, overhauls and improvements for factory equipment.

·        Management of predictive programs such as; vibration, thermography, non-destructive testing, and interpretation of results.

·        Corrosion, abrasion, cyclic stress/fatigue, metallurgic and other associated environmental and design factors which effect equipment life

·        Coordinates with the maintenance planner to ensure that PM/PdM services and inspections are scheduled and performed when due, and that resultant corrective work is promptly performed.

·        Coordinates production and maintenance personnel, and plant management during planned maintenance shutdowns to maximize required maintenance work while minimizing process downtime

·        Reduces and improves maintenance work wherever feasible, assuring efficient and reliable operation of plant, process and equipment while protecting and prolonging the economic life of plant assets at optimal cost.

·        Identifies and corrects chronic, repetitive and costly equipment problems through the analysis of equipment history and root cause analysis

·        Develops engineering solutions to repetitive failures and other maintenance problems.

·        Provides technical advice to maintenance and operations/equipment users such as proper rotating equipment alignment, and balancing and assembly/disassembly procedures

·        Implements methods to reduce the need for maintenance and to eliminate the occurrence of failures:

·        Increase Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF)

·        Decreases Mean Time to Repair (MTTR)

·        Supports the maintenance planner in development of technical, environmental and safety work procedures.

·        Routinely contributes to the planning of realistic production capacity based upon analysis of preventive maintenance time needs and failure history.

·        Applies value analysis to repair/replace, repair/redesign, and make/buy decisions.

·        Develops a standardized program that influences the selection of materials, equipment and spare parts.

·        Remains abreast of and applies advancing maintenance technology as applicable.

The reliability engineer relieves supervisors and planner of responsibilities relating to the preservation of day-to-day factory asset reliability that are technical and engineering in nature.


·        Bachelors Degree in mechanical, electrical, or related engineering field.

·        3+ years work experience in an industrial/manufacturing environment in a related role.

·        Direct training and experience in maintenance engineering practices and reliability centered maintenance.

Additional Information

Direct Hire Opportunity to join our fast-paced engineering team. Excellent compensation and benefits plan.

Must successfully complete a background check and drug screen.

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