Engineering Manager

  • Kiwalan Cove, Dalipuga, Iligan City, Lanao del Norte, Philippines
  • Full-time

Company Description

Pilmico Foods Corporation & Gold Coin Management Holdings are the integrated agribusiness and food companies of Aboitiz Equity Ventures, Inc. (AEV). Gold Coin is now fully-managed and owned by Pilmico International and to date, it is the largest investment in the Asia-Pacific region in their shared history. 

Pilmico comprises four divisions: Flour, Feeds, Farms, and Trading; enabling growth to its partners through its consistent quality products and unparalleled supporting services. Meanwhile, Gold Coin is a pioneer in animal nutrition and the manufacturing of scientifically-balanced animal feed in Asia.

With their combined strengths, Pilmico & Gold Coin represent one of the largest privately-owned agribusinesses in the region, with over 2,900 partners throughout the multitude of production facilities across 11 countries in Asia. 

In its journey moving forward, the Aboitiz Group will drive change for a better world by advancing business and communities. Armed with Pilmico and Gold Coin's mission of feeding humanity, they aim to take a leadership position in innovating the food value chain in the Asia Pacific.

Job Description

Strategy and Development

  1. Creates and implements best practice production engineering planning, strategy, policies, processes and procedures to improve and promote operational efficiency and performance
  2. Drives functional excellence and continuous improvement in the engineering team

Policies and Standards

  1. Develops and implements engineering standards and procedures of the feedmill
  2. Monitors and evaluates engineering policies and procedures and recommends changes if necessary
  3. Ensures accuracy of engineering procedures and documentation

Plant Maintenance Activities

  1. Plans and schedules preventive maintenance activities to ensure an efficient and safe Maintenance Management System and avoid wastes
  2. Coordinates with Department/Division Heads in the implementation of approved projects and scheduling of plant-wide maintenance works to increase the plant’s equipment operational availability and service life, maintaining equipment capacity without sacrificing reliability and safety, ensuring optimum uptime of equipment and machines.
  3. Establishes and maintains a lean spare parts inventory system, ensuring availability of materials, spare parts, and supplies for operating equipment, maintenance, repair and reconditioning and project requirements whenever needed.
  4. Analyzes the load profiles of plant processes and implements an Energy Conservation Program to ensure lower energy consumption without sacrificing productivity.
  5. Oversees addition/expansion/modification to existing plant equipment and facilities to ensure that plans are observed, project specifications are met, and schedule followed.
  6. Decides on emergency requisitions for the Department in the absence of the VP-Operations.

Project Management

  1. Provides technical inputs to bids for new projects and facilitates successful results
  2. Develops and maintains project plans and budget schedules to ensure delivery of milestones according to cost targets and timelines
  3. Identifies and justifies capital equipment investment
  4. Identifies and deploys technical resources to deliver projects including engagement of external parties if necessary
  5. Conducts risk assessment of processes, tasks and the over all project
  6. Ensures KPI are met

People Management:

  1. Creates, delivers and monitors people strategy
  2. Motivates and coaches the team to operational success
  3. Implements, updates and reviews team members records such as but not limited to training matrices and performance reviews
  4. Sets, communicates and monitors department KPIs
  5. Ensures that people operate in accordance with health, safety and environmental policies and procedures

Other Tasks

  1. Plans   and oversees the discharging of all incoming raw materials shipments ensuring that operational procedures are followed and maximum efficiency is attained.
  2. Holds   regular meetings with direct reports and key employees to discuss work-related issues, concerns and to ensure smooth coordination amongst the different sections and departments at Iligan Plant.
  3. Assists in the development of his staff by coordinating with HR in identifying their training needs and by cooperating in the implementation of their individual training plans.
  4. Conducts performance appraisal as scheduled.
  5. Ensures compliance of food safety and good housekeeping based on the standard requirements of 5S, GMP, HACCP, ISO, ERM and Halal.
  6. Performs other related task as may be assigned by the immediate superior.


  1. Ensures execution of quality, Halal, health and food safety policy, standards and regulations within the team.
  2. Responsible for reporting problems related to Halal, food safety & quality management system to identified authorities.
  3. Taking accountability for the effectiveness of the Integrated Management System and religious requirements.
  4. Ensuring that the Quality Policy and Quality Objectives are established for the Integrated Management System and are compatible with the context and strategic direction of the organization;
  5. Ensuring the integration of the  quality management system requirements into the organization’s business processes;
  6. Promoting the use of the process approach and risk-based thinking;
  7. Ensuring that the resources needed for the quality management system are available;
  8. Communicating the importance of effective quality management and of conforming to the quality management system requirements;
  9. Ensuring that the quality management system achieves its intended results;
  10. Engaging, directing and supporting persons to contribute to the effectiveness of the quality management system;
  11. promoting improvement;
  12. supporting other relevant management roles to  demonstrate their leadership as it applies to their areas of responsibility.


  1. Actively participate in all company programs and activities under quality improvement, safety & security, sustainability, corporate social responsibility,  risk management etc.
  2. Performs other tasks as may be assigned by the immediate superior.



●    Graduate of BS Mechanical/Electrical/Industrial/Electronics Engineerng


  • At least 10 years experience in industrial maintenance, personnel and project management
  • At least 5 years of managerial role


●     Licensed Mechanical, Electrical, Industrial or Electronics & Communications Engineer.


  1. Ability to communicate well, both written and oral.
  2. Effective planning and scheduling.
  3. Competent leadership skills.
  4. Competency in analyzing cause and effect situation of problems.
  5. Ability to adapt to fast changing industrial knowledge and to simplify complicated systems.   
  6. Hands on, value driven management skills.
  7. Project Management skills.
  8. Effective and efficient customer service skills
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