Farm Maintenance Supervisor - Breeder Farm 3

  • Talugtug - Guimba Rd, Guimba, Nueva Ecija, Pilipinas
  • Full-time

Company Description

Pilmico Animal Nutrition Corporation

Job Description

The Farm Maintenance Supervisor is responsible for supervising the design, installation, and implementation of the maintenance program of all Swine and Poultry Farm facilities, systems, and equipment by formulating and implementation of preventive, corrective, and condition-based maintenance programs to ensure reliable, maximum efficiency, and safe operation.



Maintenance Management System


1.    Supervise the implementation of the Enterprise Asset Management System (Maximo), ensuring optimum utilization of the system.


2.    Regularly review the data gathered in Maximo and perform technical analysis as a basis for improvement in both the system and maintenance management


Installation and Maintenance of Farm Facilities, Systems and Equipment:

3.    Plans, schedules and supervises the repair and maintenance works of Farm facilities, systems and equipment,  ensuring that repair procedures follow equipment specifications and applicable standards, and that they are finished on time and without compromising safety, workmanship quality and productivity.


4.    Submits list and discusses priority works with immediate superior and/or concerned department heads or process owners for appropriate action.


5.    Regularly reviews the equipment, system and trouble  reports and performs root cause analysis of all farm equipment downtime or failures.


6.    Ensures that causes of equipment and/or system failures are identified, validated and given priority in the next maintenance works scheduling.


7.    Regularly reviews, recommends and implements approved cost-effective maintenance program to ensure effective maintenance of critical and non-critical equipment, based on the root causes identified from previous problems encountered, condition monitoring and time-based tasks ensuring that identified problems do not recur.


8.    Establishes and implements a maintenance monitoring plan for critical and non-critical equipment.


9.    Checks and analyzes the data of the operating conditions of equipment/machine regularly and forwards recommendations to immediate superior necessary measures to ensure safe and cost-efficient operations.


10. Assigns and monitors progress of issued work orders or job orders to team members (TMs) and contractors ensuring that TMs and contractors conform to required lead- time, maintenance specifications and standards on quality of workmanship.


11. Coordinates with the Farm Maintenance Planners and Maintenance and Project Material analyst in the establishing and maintaining an efficient materials/spare parts requisition system.


12.   Establishes, maintains, recommends and implements a good housekeeping program for all areas supervised to ensure compliance to but not limited to 5S and other company standard and government regulations


Utilities and Supplies Management:


13. Monitors Utilities such as power and water consumption, demands and other relevant parameters to serve as input to the Department for operation efficiency and financial analysis.


14. Identifies and forwards recommendations to immediate superior policies and measures to promote utilities conservation. Implements, evaluates and monitors effectiveness of approved policies and measures.


15. Regularly prepares the Utilities Consumption Report, Equipment downtime report, Maintenance Personnel Man-hours Report and Work order tracking report to immediate superior to ensure that management is constantly updated of the Farms Facilities status.


16.  Provides root cause analysis and corrective/preventive measures for non conforming parameters.


Continuous Improvement Projects:


17. Conducts feasibility studies on the possible alteration or system improvements to optimize farms safety and efficiency. Forwards recommendations to immediate superior and/or concerned process owner for evaluation and approval.


18. Performs designs and cost estimates of improvement projects ensuring that these are in accordance with project specifications and applicable standards and forwards to immediate superior process owner for evaluation and approval.



19. Recommends and implements approved company policies, procedures and guidelines to enhance safety and accident prevention of manpower including risk mitigation on Farm Facilities



People Development


20. Supervises, monitors and evaluates the performance of direct subordinates.


21. Builds IDP and provides intervention for the development and growth of direct subordinates.


22. Monitors the services of third party manpower service provider in the Central Maintenance department.



Other Tasks :


23. Attends to emergency/special calls relative to electrical problems during night shift, should the need arise.


24. Appointed membership to committees whenever necessary


25. Participates in facility improvement projects as may be assigned.


26. Performs related work as maybe assigned by the immediate superior.



Licensed Registered Electrical Engineer

 with at least 5 years experience as a maintenance planner or similar function

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