Inventory Analyst

  • Capas, Tarlac, Philippines
  • Full-time

Company Description

To be provided by HR

Job Description


    The Systems and RM Inventory Analyst is responsible for managing the flow of finished goods including VAM and RM products from warehouse cold storage to map per system requirements. Ensures accuracy and maintaining inventory levels, making necessary reports, recording and analysis per product and customer or sales requirements. Focus on External Storages and Retail Stores

  • Ensures that RM to FG Reclass is properly recorded including  Sub-inventory Transfers


  • Checks and reviews finished goods produced for the day and matches with order, dispatch before doing system transaction

  • Coordinates with Inventory Analyst and Specialist for the possible lacking orders unproduced, unserved before executing system transactions.

  • Responds to inquiries regarding products and inventories.

  • Checks actual items and quantities for dispatch.

  • Update Inventory Records based on items and quantities dispatched.

  • Help validate that products for preparation and staging are matched with label vs actual.

  • Works with Warehouse and Inventory in monitoring of aging, non moving products and provides reports regularly for immediate disposition.

  • Ensures accuracy of on hand inventories against system records & escalates issues related to inventory shortages and discrepancies; Initiates investigation to ensure accuracy and completeness of FG Inventory records.

  • Obtain a copy and validate RM requests.

  • Analyze transformation or reclass yield.

  • Monitor and ensure excess were physically returned, with updated label and recorded on Inventory files

  • Transact system reclass from RM

  • Checks non-conforming products and prepares condemnation of products and specifies reasons and explanation for the condemned items.

  • Checks physical condition of finished goods and ensures conformance to storage and handling standards.

  • Updates Slow/Non Moving items Monitoring

  • Review and verify dispatch report from all sites

  • Maintain and publish served and unserved reports and works with Inventory Analyst and planning the recovery plan.

  • Address system TOI concern, validate and update system accordingly.

  • Update and transact condemn items per QA and site Manager disposition.

  • Provides reports on non-conformance and improvements to immediate superior.

  • Join and help perform periodic physical inventory.

  • Ensures compliance to food safety and quality standards set by HACCP, GMP & ISO.

  • Performs other related activities that may be assigned by immediate superior.




College Level/Graduate



Experience in related work is preferred but not necessary. 



With background in handling inventory


REPORTS TO: Inbound Logistics Manager

  • SUPERVISES: Inventory Specialist

Additional Information

Experience in Meat or food Industry will be an advantage and willing to be in shifting shcedule

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