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Company Description

Pilmico Foods Corporation is the integrated agribusiness and food company of Aboitiz Equity Ventures Inc. (AEV). Composed of four divisions: Flour, Feeds & Animal Health, Farms, and Trading, we are well positioned at the beginning of the value chain. True to our brand promise​ of being​ Partners for Growth, we nurture our business and communities by providing business solutions and building partnerships for growth.

We operate ​​in the Philippines nationwide ​and have a growing international presence in the following ASEAN countries: Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar and Hong Kong.

Investing in talent and upholding Aboitiz ​values of Integrity, Teamwork, Innovation, and Responsibility are key drivers to sustaining the growth of our business.

Here at Pilmico, we value each talent for the unique contribution they bring to the organization. We recognize that today’s global workforce is made up of diverse individuals with different skills, abilities and aspirations that enable them to achieve superior results; as such, we select our partners based on these attributes that are not typically found in someone’s resume.

We are advocates of self-development and believe that people’s success lies in their passion to learn something new and different every day. This is why our hiring philosophy is to open up and give equal opportunity to any talent regardless of where they are today in pursuit of education.

Job Description

The Product Manager sets the product vision by defining its goals and initiatives that tie back to
the strategic objectives of the company. The Product Manager also creates the product
roadmap for the Meats Division, defining how through product development and management,
value is created and optimized. The role is also responsible for external and internal
management of stakeholders, with the main focus of creating successful products and
relationships to pursue the company’s product and brand objectives. As a “Product Leader” is
responsible for effective collaboration among cross-functional teams to pursue product and
market opportunities.

● Sets the "Product Vision" - define the goals and initiatives that will help achieve that
● Study the market and personas to gain a deep understanding of user needs.
● Ensure clarity of strategy to ensure each feature or solution will tie back to actual
business objectives (e.g. value creation, by-product strategy)
Product Management and Pricing Management
● Creates the "Product Roadmap" - defines the strategic direction and plan for the
product and how this will be executed.
● Responsible for Product P&L and value creation goals. Will lead Product Applications for
Fresh and determine Pricing and Value positioning as a "Roadmap" for internal
stakeholders such as Meat Operations and R&D on the cutting guide for Meats.
● Responsible for Pricing Principles for Prepared Food and will set pricing guide for such
● Lead the "sourcing" strategy for both the "farmed" and "non-farmed" products with the
the goal of finding the best "deal" and best value for Pilmico. Aligning as well with the
"Product Application" strategy part of the Product Development and Value Creation
goals of the company
● Lead product development and testing, packaging, and other product innovations with
farms, production, and R&D
● Develop consumer reason to believe, product features-advantage- benefits. Ensure
alignment with brand governance for use of product brands
Industry Understanding and Stakeholder Management
● Develop network and relationships with industry stakeholders (such as but not limited
to Regulatory Agencies, Industry associations, Local and International Supply partners,
and marketing and solutions agencies, among others) to effectively pursue market
opportunities and grow the meats business of Pilmico
● Acts as the Main POC (Point of Contact) for relevant Regulatory Agencies in relation to
product and solutions development with industry partners.
● Gain a "Deep" understanding of the industry, it's intricacies and challenges aside from it's
opportunities to effectively dispense the sensitive functionalities of stakeholder
management and communications
Market Scan/Research
● Gather industry insights, external market reports, FGDs, to determine market
opportunity, target market/ consumer, and long-term size of the prize. Conduct Market
Research with the goal of creating relevant products and innovations that contribute to
the overall value creation
● Analyze and Understand competitor strategies in relation to products and services. This
should include understanding their buyer's journey in relation to ours

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Opportunity Generation
● Synthesize the market opportunities, potential, and constraints of the industry to
develop products and innovations that will fuel growth.
Customer Engagement Level
● Focuses on the User/Consumer - with the goal of understanding what people want to
achieve by using or consuming the product. Distill the essence of what users need, then
work with the development team to find technical solutions.
Communications / Cross-Functional Team Relationships
● Ensure alignment with regulatory bodies and lead all communications with relevant
external bodies like government, institutions, groups, and consumers
● Known as the "Product Leader". Serving as an advocate for the user and the product
with a mix of strategic and tactical work across teams, sharing the future of the product
with stakeholders in R&D, engineering, marketing, sales, and support.
● Evaluate product performance, marketing activities results, and their impact on P&L.
Review and analyze product sales, marketing, and revenue numbers, among other KPIs
such as product usage data. Develop and Update Product-related training kits.

*** Note: Scope of work will be revised depending on the business needs, other related duties
as and when assigned by your reporting superior from time to time.


● 10 or more years experience in a product management role
● Bachelor's degree in a related field or equivalent educational level preferred
● 5 years of food manufacturing or FMCG industry experience

● Strong management, analytical, and planning skills
● Proven track record of reaching and exceeding sales revenue goals
● Demonstrated ability to perform well in a highly dynamic, rapidly changing environment
● Excellent communication and presentation skills
● Great team player
● Marketing Strategy
● Product Management
● Product Marketing
● Brand experience

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