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Company Description

Pilmico Foods Corporation is the integrated agribusiness and food company of Aboitiz Equity Ventures Inc. (AEV). Composed of four divisions: Flour, Feeds & Animal Health, Farms, and Trading, we are well positioned at the beginning of the value chain. True to our brand promise​ of being​ Partners for Growth, we nurture our business and communities by providing business solutions and building partnerships for growth.

We operate ​​in the Philippines nationwide ​and have a growing international presence in the following ASEAN countries: Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar and Hong Kong.

Investing in talent and upholding Aboitiz ​values of Integrity, Teamwork, Innovation, and Responsibility are key drivers to sustaining the growth of our business.

Here at Pilmico, we value each talent for the unique contribution they bring to the organization. We recognize that today’s global workforce is made up of diverse individuals with different skills, abilities and aspirations that enable them to achieve superior results; as such, we select our partners based on these attributes that are not typically found in someone’s resume.

We are advocates of self-development and believe that people’s success lies in their passion to learn something new and different every day. This is why our hiring philosophy is to open up and give equal opportunity to any talent regardless of where they are today in pursuit of education.

Job Description

The Control Room Operator is responsible for ensuring the efficient operation of major and minor equipment in the areas of Receiving section, Batching, Grinding and Mixing Operation, Pelleting and Fats coating operation and Bagging section to produce high quality feeds in the most efficient and economical way.  The position is also responsible for contributing to the quality and quantity objectives of the plant.


Receiving and Inventory Management

1. Coordinates with the Warehouseman the sequence of raw materials to be poured to minimize material run-out based on Production line-up and makes sure that there is no run-out of needed materials during the entire shift.

2. Operates the computerized receiving system by choosing the designated silo/bin per materials to be poured.

3. Ensures that no overflowing, intermixing and clogging occurs during pouring and conveying of raw materials based on the bin/silo inventory report

4. Submits reports to Plant Supervisor regarding the raw materials received during the shift.

Production Scheduling/Operation

A.  Batching, grinding and mixing operation

5. Coordinates with Plant Supervisor regarding the type of product to be produced.

6. Checks/reviews the formulation and recommends necessary adjustment in coordination with QA personnel

7. Ensures that the sequence of batching is being followed based on the Production schedule in coordination with Micro Technician.

8. Operates the computerized batching system through weighing, grinding, mixing and conveying these to pelleting bins.

9. Monitors weighing, grinding, and mixing to ensure a high batching efficiency.

10. Ensures continuous batching operation in coordination with Warehouseman regarding the available materials needed.

11. Ensures accurate liquid addition required in the formulation.


B. Pelleting and Fats Coating Operation

12. Ensures that all pelleting, cooling and fat coating system equipment such as pellet mill, pellet mill conditioner and tender blender are in good running condition.

13. Checks all pelleting parameters and makes necessary adjustment based on product formulation.

14. Operates computerized pelleting system according to specified sequence and makes sure that parameters are set right.

15. Monitors and ensures that feeds being produced conform with company standards in terms of quality such as pellet durability, shade/color, size and nutritional value

16. Monitors pelleting equipment during operations such as:  mash bins, pellet mills, crumbler, and tender blender.


C.  Bagging Operation

17. Coordinates with Bagger regarding sequences and feed type to be bagged including the bin assignment.

18. Checks the accuracy of bagging report to be submitted to the Supervisor.


D.  Equipment Operation

19. Coordinates with maintenance personnel regarding the adequate supply of good

quality steam and air pressure before and during operation.

20. Operates production equipment and provides feedback to maintenance personnel   

     regarding any abnormalities and equipment condition.

21. Performs minor repair and maintenance including adjustment on mechanical



E.  Reports Preparation

22. Prepares the following reports at the end of the shift”

    • Batching report

    • Pelleting report

    • Bagging report/yield report


Other Duties

23. Performs other job-related duties as assigned



BS degree in Mechanical, Electrical Engineering, or ECE


At least 1 year experience in production operation

Additional Information


  1. Computer literate

  2. Numerical skills

  3. Knowledge of production operation, daily materials usage and inventory procedures, feed formulation and equipment operation

  4. Knowledge of PLC

  5. Analytical

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