eCommerce and Sales Associate

  • Part-time

Company Description

Panublix is a digital sourcing platform connecting creatives with sustainable tropical textiles & artisan craft so they can design a future that respects culture, humanity & biodiversity.

Job Description

The eCommerce and Sales Associate manages our online shop and drive traffic and sales. contributes to the growth of the company's e-commerce business by implementing plans and strategies to increase average order values and check-out conversion rates so we can significantly contribute to the economic empowerment of our community partners. S/he reports directly to the Chief Operations Officer.

Responsibilities include:

  • Content Creation, Publication, and Marketing for eCommerce sites: Generates engaging digital content using digital platforms to attract sales, with the main focus on online customers.
    • Creates articles, write-ups, infographics, and digital media posts for review and approval of the COO.
    • Publishes approved content in appropriate digital media platforms.
    • Uses content management systems to analyze traffic and uses engagement metrics.
    • Execute sales, promotions, brand, marketing and social media programmes and/or activities over digital platforms.
  • Lead Generation and Management: Attracts prospects and increase their interest about company products and service to convert them into and nurture them as a customer.
    • Identifies and reaches out to customer prospects
    • Communicates effectively using various digital techniques to build rapport and meet customer needs
    • Provides ongoing support through product and service assistance and education
  • eCommerce Business Analysis: Tracks and analyzes data on online customer behavior, trends and conversions and generates insights to improve company's eCommerce strategy
    • Collate data for category performance, sales and demand forecasting reports
    • Collate information on local and international business, market trends, new business opportunities and market segments
  • End-to-end Online Customer Success: Oversees and ensures end-to-end online customer success for online customers
    • Ensures that eCommerce pages are functional and store and product information are relevant and accurate
    • Develops constructive and cooperative working relationships with customers by providing regular updates from order production to fulfillment
    • Liaise with relevant internal functions to fulfil customers' orders based on established procedures and service level agreement
    • Coordinate with external partners to ensure smooth processing and delivery of customer orders
    • Inspects and uploads customers' product reviews
  • Technology and Infrastructure Enablement: Inspects and monitors eCommerce pages, product information, checkout options, and all other pertinent website-related systems to ensure their visual appeal, accuracy, and ease of use
    • Ensures that payment options and promotional tabs are configured correctly
    • Track data on system and network effectiveness for analysis
    • Performs tests and crisis management activities to ensure smooth functionality of website
    • Coordinates with existing IT vendors for resolutions



  • Graduate of any Business Management, Business Administration, Communications, or Marketing bachelor's degree


  • 1-3 years experience in business, sales, communications, marketing, eCommerce (fresh graduates with extra- or co-curricular experience in sales and/or marketing are welcome to apply)


  • Identifies and assesses customer's needs to build and close online sales and communicates effectively with them using various digital techniques to build rapport and meet customer needs
  • Maintains and monitors daily inventory and product sales of online store and daily shipment transactions of online customers.
  • Plans, generates and/or publishes engaging digital content such as blogs, infographics, and posters using digital platforms to attract sales.
  • Uses content management systems to analyze website traffic and uses engagement metrics.
  • Comprehends the process of data collection and converts data lists and summaries into appropriate visual or graphical presentations through database softwares such as Excel File or other formats.
  • Identifies and executes a design's key visual qualities such as balance, color, movement, pattern, scale, shape and visual weight using basic aesthetic principles and techniques to create outputs assigned to them.
  • Willingness to listen to new ideas and contributes with ideas as part of a group
  • Recognizes, identifies, and responds to a problem and identifies and proposes a solution
  • Uses basic digital tools and technology such as Google Business or Microsoft Office that are used for daily operations or transactions
  • Volunteers to take on extra tasks for the purpose of enjoyment and satisfaction
  • Identifies problems and acts to prevent and solve them proactively; Persists to accomplish a task despite difficult conditions, tight deadlines, or obstacles and setbacks and identifies who can provide support and procures their input.
  • Demonstrates an interest in learning by participating in learning and development activities and proactively seeks feedback and support from colleagues.
  • Demonstrates an interest in learning and understanding about cultural characteristics, history, values, beliefs, and behaviors of another ethnic or cultural group by being open to explore other cultural ideas.
  • Comprehends concepts and narratives around sustainability and sustainable development.
  • Responds to adversity with self-awareness and maintains progress with tasks even under stressful situations.
  • Cooperates with and supports members of immediate team and provides them with information when requested or as the need arises.

Additional Information

We are a team of impact-driven individuals from the fields of design, marketing, tech, business, culture, community development, science and engineering. Our diversity is like the Philippine diaspora - spread out in various locations, from Iloilo, Manila, and even abroad. But what unites us is our love for the Philippines and our cultures. Like the weaves that we help promote, we are bound by the tapestry of Philippine panubli-on (heritage).