Solutions Engineer (Network Administrator)

  • 230 W 200 S, Salt Lake City, UT 84101, USA
  • Full-time

Company Description

See below.

    Job Description

    Company Description

    Hello and ahoy! We’re looking for a customer-focused network administrator with some experience using our products to join the Solutions team at

    If you love solving problems, helping customers (system administrators - not “end users”), making packets and frames go where they should, and interacting with people, then read on.’s goal is to make the lives of system administrators easier - and make them look good. We have two applications that do that, PDQ Deploy and PDQ Inventory. You should be very familiar with both of these products.

    Check out the videos at the end of this ad to learn more about our company. Suffice to say, is a great place to work. And we're saying that even though HR told us we ought to. Some of our favorite things about our jobs include:

    • All the great benefits you'd expect from working at a cool tech company: Quarterly profit sharing, 160 hours of paid time off annually & three days of volunteer time off, fully-subsidized health benefits (medical/dental/vision), 401K match to 6%, many three-day weekends, and like two more things at least.
    • Managers who are supportive and technically experienced (the best kind of experienced).
    • Company-supported education, training, and the occasional conference trip.

    What's the job?

    This is a customer service role focused on exceptional support and slaying our ticket volume; these are not your run of the mill "the printer does not work" tickets. These are the top-shelf kind of tickets where you help system administrators with PDQ Deploy and PDQ Inventory.

    Thanks to our applications relying heavily on a functional Windows environment, you'll get to experience a wide variety of environments and setups while troubleshooting.

    We also need a helping hand in maintaining our ever-growing and changing internal network. 

    Expected job breakdown:
    75% - Customer support

    • Assist customers with questions and issues via email. And, again, we'll plug the fact that you'll be working with system administrators, not Brad in sales or Karen in AR who routinely forgets to charge her wireless mouse.
    • Create and maintain documentation and content, including blog posts, KBs, and sometimes threads on our support forums.

    25% - Networking and other internal IT projects


    Required skills:

    • Extensive networking knowledge, with a heavy emphasis on Cisco networking. You should have both data center and edge networking equipment experience across all seven OSI layers. Experience with OSPF or EIGRP gets bonus points. Extra points if you can explain what Dijkstra has to do with either of these.
    • You'll need to have a working understanding of Windows (and Windows networking), Active Directory, DNS, authentication, and GPOs.
    • You know PDQ Deploy and PDQ Inventory, or you should be able to learn those programs quickly. You will have at least used a deployment solution in the past. Pro tip: we offer a free 14-day trial of PDQ Deploy and Inventory.
    • You prefer to work with minimal supervision, own the entirety of work you perform, and understand the importance and implications of exceptional work quality.
    • Super bonus extra credits: Cisco certification(s).

    Details about you:

    • Highly skilled in technical customer support. You’ve been in the trenches for at least 4 years, and you’ve used a software deployment tool for long enough to be able to deploy software to every machine in your organization without Brad from sales even knowing. You should also be able to configure a 2960 in your sleep.
    • An exceptional solver of problems. It comes with being a successful network administrator; it’s in your blood. You relish dealing with a variety of customers and solving their sometimes very complex problems even if it requires extensive research or going far above and beyond what’s normally expected from support. That means you're going to be a better troubleshooter than most of your peers.
    • Empathetic. You want to make our customers look good and save them time regardless of their level of skill or experience. You’re committed to providing our customers the exceptional level of support you would expect. At the same time, you want to maintain a robust network infrastructure for
    • Dedicated to details. As much as you ensure your troubleshooting is precise, efficient, and the information you provide is accurate, your communication with the customer makes them delighted to be working with you.
    • Curious. You're eager to learn, grow, and be part of our team. You're the kind of person that if you don't understand something, you Google it, figure it out, and share the knowledge with your peers. When you don't know something, you learn it.
    • An excellent writer. For now, all support is email support, and the company communicates heavily over Slack and email. Being an outstanding written communicator in the English language is essential.

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    Next Steps

    1. Apply here or at
    2. Once we receive your application, we'll send you a homework assignment with instructions.
    3. Submission of Homework is required. We are unable to consider your application and resume and move you forward in the recruitment process if you do not submit the homework. We don't even look at your resume until we have the homework in our greedy little hands.

    At, we own ownership, we embrace collaboration and tear down silos, we are honest even if it's embarrassing and we are always learning and improving. is an equal opportunity employer. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status, or disability status.