CI/CD and Azure DevOps internship

  • Bogert 1, 5612 LX Eindhoven, Netherlands
  • Intern

Company Description

This is your chance to make a global impact in the financial world. is a fintech software company, fixing the broken financial lending space. Our loan origination platform and digital asset exchange is well on the way to transact trillions of dollars in residential mortgages and company loans. What motivates us, is that we're tackling the cause of the global financial crisis head on. How? By increasing greater accountability and transparency with real-time data and the immutability of blockchain. We are an international team, funded by one of the largest blockchain investor in the world, and our clients are all over the globe.

Modern Tech Stack
You want to learn and work with the best tools and frameworks to create an awesome product. So do we.

  • Backend - Microservices in Kotlin wherever we can avoid our Java 11, Spring Boot, event sourcing and CQRS.
  • Frontend - React components in Typescript, Material UI.
  • Blockchain - we are pretty allergic to the blockchain nirvana stories. It’s just a technology. We write Solidity contracts for Quorum and other enterprise DLTs where we need interoperability.
  • Data Science - Data lake on Azure, transformations in Spark, and machine learning in Python.
  • UX - Usability and looks can make or break a platform. We design and evaluate wireframes in Axure and visual designs in Sketch.
  • DevOps - CI/CD with Jenkins, Kubernetes, Docker, Terraform, all deployed on Microsoft Azure.
  • Testing - Given the millions of dollars flowing through our code, we take testing very serious with TDD, tests at all levels, end-end tests, and static analysis.

Make an Impact
We’re a startup, so you won’t be a cog in the wheel or the intern doing some side-project that ends up on a shelf. You work with a senior developer who will be your mentor and sparring partner throughout your project. We treat our interns no different from our full-time employees. Within the first week you'll learn and put into practice the methods we use every day to work together and to build a world-class financial software. You write production quality code and are expected to have a major impact on our product. Have an idea or initiative to improve our product or process? We’re all ears.

Job Description

Othera’s platform is fully cloud based, and continuous integration and deployment are a first class citizen in our development. As the cloud landscape is constantly evolving, we have a vast array of DevOps projects waiting for a strong developer to dig in. All of these involve research into best practices and latest technology, and getting your hands dirty in configuring and making the process repeatable with scripts and automation. Topics range from continuous integration, continuous deployment, monitoring, and enhancing security across the board.

  • Setup reliable monitoring of Kubernetes with Grafana, Prometheus, and other technologies;
  • Moving our Jenkins CI/CD to Gitlab CI;
  • Deploying Quorum blockchain nodes under Kubernetes with full reliability (which is a challenge);
  • Creating a sexy looking development wallboard pulling information from Jenkins, SonarQube, Jira, and other tools.


  • Experience with Kubernetes and Docker.
  • Understanding and knowledge of build pipelines (compiling, testing, deployment).
  • Experience with monitoring tools.
  • Blockchain experience, especially Ethereum and enterprise blockchain is a plus if you're in to that.
  • Ideally, this is a graduation project as bachelor or master in Computer Science or equivalent. But if you really know your stuff, whatever the education and are interested in an internship, give us a call. Start dates can be any time now or in the future. Given the innovations we are pushing to the market, we always have assignments we can tune on the fly.

Additional Information

True to our product, our culture is based on trust and transparency. We value Dutch style directness with an allergy for bullshit, and love the cultural values brought in by our team members from Brazil and Australia to Greece and Hungary. We expect a lot from each other and give a lot of support and freedom in return.

  • You don’t need us to micromanage; you can find your own path through the complex jungle of tech stacks and alternatives.
  • Our language is English, no need to speak Dutch if you don’t feel like.
  • Our open office is at crawling distance from the Eindhoven train station.
  • We don’t believe in luring people in with ping-pong, a pool table, a trampoline, cookies and in-house lunch, team fun activities, and a MacBook Pro. But well, you do get all that.

We are seeking candidates with a valid European (or Turkish waiver) work permit for this role. Candidates outside the EU/EEA/Switzerland/Turkey will be automatically rejected.

Sounds Good?
Send us your LinkedIn profile, CV, or GitHub account or project you are proud of.