Senior Software Engineer in Test

  • Sydney NSW, Australia
  • Full-time

Company Description

Here at Othera, we are passionate about increasing trust and transparency in the financial services industry. Our innovative technology provides lenders and asset managers with blockchain tools for originating and managing loans, credit risk, and asset liquidity in a way that facilitates trust between all participants in the financial ecosystem, especially for investors.

Our platform helps lenders and asset managers to significantly reduce costs and increase revenue through workflow automation and intelligent creation of a new type of digital investment asset. The technology integrates with existing lending workflows to deliver visibility and liquidity to the investment community and to replace the legacy technology and opaque investment practices that contributed to the GFC.

The Opportunity

This is your chance to make a global impact in the financial world. Othera is a well funded fintech that is scaling up to change the fabric of international capital markets with their blockchain powered loan management platform and digital asset exchange.

Othera is tackling the cause of the global financial crisis head on by increasing trust and transparency in the financial services industry. We have already landed high profile finance clients and partnerships and with more in the pipeline, we need your help to deliver our game changing technology. Use your skills, creativity and passion to join us in redefining the financial landscape and bringing greater accountability and transparency to global capital markets.

We are looking for someone who can demonstrate a blend of independence, team collaboration and a comfort with taking risks.

About You

To get the most out of your role and working with our team, you will:

  • Teamwork- make the team better as you guide others to solutions and you learn from the best
  • Solve problems- show initiative with problem solving but be just as open to brainstorming in an open and honest dialogue with the team.
  • Deliver- be organised and know what you need to do each day, set goals and achieve them.
  • Innovate- show courage in trying something new, be creative and utilise strategic risk taking.
  • Thrive with change- be comfortable working in an agile and rapidly evolving environment. Frequent change doesn’t ruffle your feathers!!

Job Description

Throwing code over the wall to the QA team and hope for the best? No way. Developers take care of writing tests for the modules they create, typically in TDD style. This includes integration tests, API contract tests, component tests, and of course unit tests. We strongly believe testing is a developer’s responsibility. So why are we looking for a software engineer in test?

You write test infrastructure that allows developers to efficiently write their tests. You create the hard-to-write tests (UI & API) and BDD scenarios. You create infrastructure for end-to-end (E2E) testing and performance testing. You make strategic decisions on the testing methodologies and frameworks involved. Can we create random user interface tests that understand the widgets and randomly click around until something breaks? How does that work in continuous integration? How to test blockchain performance and track regressions?

You have a strong background in coding, understanding both frontend and backend challenges. You don’t shy away from writing your own tools and scripts. You know how to work with continuous integration and deployment. And of course you have a strong sense of quality, and are keen to write tests that will break the system. You work closely with the developers to ensure testability. And while you’re at it, you create dashboards in SonarQube/Jenkins and report issues in Jira to keep everyone on the ball.

The Techie Details

  • You have 3+ years of automated test development or full-stack/frontend experience. We give preference to candidates who have experience with large applications of scale.
  • You have a solid grasp of object-oriented programming and test methodologies; having coded in Java, Javascript/Typescript, and a scripting language like Python. Experience with React helps.
  • You know the quirks of testing at the various levels of a web stack, and are well versed in writing tests at all levels.
  • You are well versed in end-end testing technology, such as Cypress, Protractor, TestCafe, and Cucumber. Not to forget the underlying technologies of Selenium Webdriver and Mocha.
  • Experience with Java Spring Cloud and/or React.js for the frontend is a plus.
  • Jenkins or other CI/CD tools are your bread and butter to automate your test execution. If you know your way around with Docker and Kubernetes, that’ll help in deploying E2E tests.
  • Given the fintech domain, relevant experience in the financial industry, esp. in securitization and lending, is a big plus to know the pitfalls and corner cases.
  • Blockchain experience helps, but as this domain is relatively new, we are confident you’ll learn on the job.
  • You have an engineering degree (BSc or more, PhDs are most welcome) in computer science or equivalent.

The Social Stuff

  • We know that a true diverse team in gender, cultural background, and age can move mountains. Our company language is English.
  • We love the pragmatism of lean and agile, continuous improvement, and the close contact with customers. Prior experience is good, if not, you’ll find out in practice.
  • We have strong deadlines and work hard, but we detest death marches. We prefer a sustainable pace and a good work-life balance. While we double down when the pressure is on there’s always time for the fun stuff! We chill out at weekly tech demos, get together for team lunches and events, and love a good one-liner to lift the mood!
  • Whatever the work, we all love the challenge, and share the fun of learning new stuff and celebrating failure and success together.
  • Our offices are open and highly collaborative. We have big windows with plenty of natural light and great city views. Museum and Town Hall stations are close and Hyde park is walking distance if you need some sun. We've found the best coffee haunts and we will happily debate the pros and cons of the options that are available on your first day!
  • Benefits include refreshments & breakfast options, regular drinks and social activities, participation in the employee share option program, and a day off on your birthday. And learning new technology with a pretty senior team of developers across the globe at an insane speed.

Our Team

Working with Othera gives you the opportunity to be at the leading edge of blockchain deployment into the financial ecosystem. Othera’s team consists of a diverse mix of experienced financial gurus, business experts, mathematicians, and programmers who love what they do and are driven to succeed.

Together we are trying to achieve what others have yet to imagine. We are constantly trying new things and solving complex problems. Our teams are autonomous, yet collaborative and from the CEO down to the newest recruit, we all frown on micromanagement. Othera is a place to thrive and develop new skills and if you can’t find something intriguing to work on and challenge yourself, then we will work to help you unleash your potential.

This is an opportunity to make an impact, have an employee number that will count, to stop being a cog in a wheel and to receive equity options commensurate with your hard work and commitment.

What are you waiting for? Othera is on track to be a global fintech with high growth potential. Come work with passionate peers on cool and interesting technical and business challenges in the age of blockchain and what has been dubbed the 4th Industrial Revolution.

Get in touch! Send us your CV together with your LinkedIn page or a project your proud of.