Blockchain and Java/React programming internship

  • Eindhoven, Netherlands
  • Intern

Company Description

This is your chance to make a global impact in the financial world. is a well-funded fintech company, scaling up to change the fabric of international capital markets. With our blockchain-powered loan management platform and digital asset exchange.

Othera is tackling the cause of the global financial crisis head on by increasing trust and transparency in the financial services industry. We have already landed high profile finance clients and partnerships. With more in the pipeline, we need your help to deliver our game changing technology. Use your skills, creativity and passion to join us in redefining the financial landscape and bringing greater accountability and transparency to global capital markets.

Job Description

Othera's lending platform has many tech challenges in blockchain, backend (Java/Spring microservices), and frontend (Javascript/React). We have student assignments on a range of topics and can always cater to your specific expertise. For example, on the blockchain front:

  • Blockchain interoperability using Hyperledger, Corda, Quorum, and other blockchains.
  • Blockchain payments and payment routing with tethered / stable coins and administrative tokens interacting with external banking systems.

Start dates can be any time now or in the future. Given the innovations we are pushing to the market, we always have assignments we can tune on the fly. Strong coding skills (Java and/or Javascript) are required.

The Techie Stuff

  • You have strong programming experience in (preferably) Java, writing microservices and backends, or Javascript/Node.js writing frontend code.
  • Experience with the Spring Cloud stack (backend) or React (frontend) will save you some headaches. Knowing your way around Kafka, Docker, Kubernetes, and Jenkins doesn't hurt either.
  • Blockchain experience, especially Ethereum and enterprise blockchain is a plus, but as the technology is too young to claim expertise, we believe you will learn quick enough.
  • Given the fintech domain, relevant experience in the financial industry, esp. trading bonds, is a big plus.

The Social Stuff

  • Of course we do provide you with a coach and sparring partner, as well as the usual agile way of working.
  • Our language is English, no need to speak Dutch.
  • Ideally, this is a graduation project as bachelor or master in Computer Science or equivalent. But if you really know your programming, whatever the education and are interested in an internship, give us a call.

Our Team
Working with Othera gives you the opportunity to work with blockchain and modern microservices and UI technology, and be at the leading edge of its deployment into the financial ecosystem. Othera’s team consists of a diverse mix of experienced financial gurus, business experts, mathematicians and programmers who love what they do and are driven to succeed. Together we are trying to achieve what others have yet to imagine.

What are you waiting for?
Othera is on track to be a global fintech with high growth potential. Come work with passionate peers on cool and interesting technical and business challenges in the age of blockchain. Get in Touch! Send us your LinkedIn profile, CV or GitHub account or project you are proud of.