Senior Software Engineer

  • 8144 Walnut Hill Ln, Dallas, TX 75231, USA
  • Full-time

Company Description

One Technologies is a Dallas-based, privately held, direct-to-consumer products company that develops and markets ScoreSense® – an industry-leading online and mobile provider of consumer credit information, identity monitoring, and neighborhood alert services. By providing more than 1 million ScoreSense® subscribers continuous access to credit, identity theft, and family safety features, we strive to make life more secure for our members.

Our commitment to building responsive, elegantly designed credit and security products for consumers has ignited a massive surge in growth. Over the past few years, One Technologies has grown from around 30 employees to almost 200, and our annual revenues have skyrocketed.

Job Description

The Senior Software Engineer will be focused on large sustain engineering efforts that extend the life of our current platform.  The candidate will be proficient with agile development processes and best practices in addition to being an expert in Microsoft programming and server architecture. They also work with other departments in Technology to facilitate maintenance efforts.


  • Improve existing source code to reduce bugs in existing code that may cross subsystems and components.
  • Code fixes rarely require rework when reviewed by others.
  • Escalation resolution speed is very fast and thorough.
  • Design and code are exemplary.
  • Learning speed of new subsystems or technologies is very fast.
  • Always seeks challenging projects/tasks/escalations.
  • Excellent debugging, design, and coding skills.
  • Excellent complex problem-solving skills.
  • Excellent analytical skills.
  • Resolves a wide range of issues in creative ways.
  • Independently use knowledge, experience, and judgment to accomplish goals.
  • Consult with developers and software architects to determine the best course of action to correct product bugs.
  • Consult with customer care as needed to resolve complex customer issues that cross subsystems, components, or product families.


  • 7+ years experience as a SW engineer.
  • Expert in reverse engineering.
    a.    Address complex issues that may require re-design, re-engineering, or re-write of core components and internals.
    b.    Design and implement moderately complex critical enhancement requests.
    c.    Provide support on the most complex production escalations.
  • Devise solutions for partner integration into existing platforms.
  • Solve complex problems that cross multiple subsystems and components.
  • Experienced in assisting development in product design, beta programs, and testing.
  • Recognized expert in software engineering and always consulted by other engineers.
  • Proven track record resolving complex escalations independently OR by leading a team of expert engineers.
  • Strong knowledge of performance and tuning techniques.
  • Complete understanding and wide application of principles, theories, and concepts in the field.
  • Strong competence with the various tools, procedures, and programming languages used to accomplish the job.


  • Full-stack development experience proficient in .Net and C# or related OO languages.
  • Experience working with robust implementations of message queue services such as RabbitMQ.
  • Expertise in the Http protocol and its use in modern web applications.
  • Experience evaluating web applications to find and implement performance improvements.
  • Strong knowledge of application state management techniques and best practices.
  • Ability to identify and implement enhancements designed to increase the uptime and availability of web applications.
  • Expertise in troubleshooting and debugging database-driven web applications.
  • Ability to quickly learn a new application domain and apply a sustained engineering approach.
  • Proficient in the evaluation and implementation of tools providing transparency into the health of applications.
  • Knowledge of application security best practices.


  • Always up to speed on new technologies and trends in various arenas (e.g., database, server technology).
  • Sometimes assigned to work on subsystems outside area of expertise.
  • Always suggests/drives/markets innovative features (can be through day-to-day projects or Make-a-Hack projects).
  • Always works on many simultaneous projects or tasks without being overwhelmed. 
  • Requires almost no supervision to stay focused on the right priorities.
  • Always assists management in setting or recommending priorities.
  • Always guides others in task prioritization.
  • Excellent organizational skills.
  • Makes independent decisions daily that may not be reviewed by superiors.
  • Design is well thought-out and concise. Can be implemented by another engineer with minimal clarification.
  • Regression rate and patch failure rate are very minimal.
  • Regularly presents in or facilitates meetings, both internally and externally. 
  • Rarely needs guidance from manger in difficult situations. 
  • Very good confidence in communicating with others and very good in influencing others. 
  • Ability to work effectively and independently with all business units at all levels.
  • Excellent and timely updates provided with no supervision required.


  • Bachelor’s degree from a credited university or related industry experience required. 5+ years of professional software engineering experience.

Additional Information

One Technologies has been recognized numerous times for our success, impressive growth, and progressive company culture by various trade publications and “Best Of” lists, including the Dallas Business Journal, Tech Titans Fast 50, and the Inc. 500. We’ve been recognized as the #1 fastest growing company in Dallas on the 2013-14 “SMU 100” list, and were also recently named to the 2016 “Best Companies to Work for in Texas” list, the fourth time we’ve received this honor.

One Technologies offers attractive compensation, 100% company-paid health and dental insurance, short term and long term disability coverage, paid health club membership, tuition reimbursement and flexible working hours in a casual, open, creative environment. 

More information about One Technologies is available at