Assignment Manager

  • Full-time

Company Description

Ollang is the first end-to-end human-powered AI Dubbing start-up. We are trying to break down the language barriers through subtitles, dubbings, and other high-quality tech products that we provide to the biggest TV channels, online streaming platforms, and e-learning platforms worldwide. We have globalized +1 million minutes into languages across the world, telling inspiring stories to the audiences.

Ollang's culture relies upon freedom, empowerment, innovation, imagination, creativity, and self-discipline.

We are looking for an Operations Excellence Specialist who is interested in overall project management and stays up-to-date with technological advancements.

Job Description

Assignment Management

• Keep track of the expected projects and make necessary preparations for its successful completion. (Having the templates ready, having the required number of translators ready, rate and deadline information, etc.)

• Making sure that all the translators are timely assigned to the translators by sending relevant mails, etc.

• Constantly tracking the progress of the translators on the ongoing projects including sending required warning mails.

• Ensuring timely completion and delivery of the projects.

• Performing quality check.

• Solving all the project-related issues of the translators via ticket, mail, etc.

• Knowing all the tits & bits of the operational activities at Ollang and owning them.



•       Building a sustainable organization by designing a headcount strategy, that is, making sure there are enough translators in the translation team in all the required language pairs so that Ollang is ready for all kinds of projects.

•       Developing concrete recruitment channels for the translators.

•       Recruiting translators in the required language pairs in time so that they’re available in the system when the projects arrive.

•       Developing a structured onboarding program for new translators and assisting them during the entire process.


Translator Engagement

•       Investigating issues faced by the translators, resolving them, and developing methods of preventing them in the future.

•       Designing online engagement events like webinars, game sessions, etc. for the translators.

•       Determining how the translators feel about their job, company environment, and overall well-being.

•       Designing exciting campaign ideas with attractive incentives for the translators.

•       Designing a self-sufficient Help Centre that is enough to resolve all the basic queries of the translators.

•       Responding to the tickets and the mails of the translators daily and making quarterly ticketing reports to find out the bottlenecks of the ticket-answering process.



 The candidates should have a bachelor's degree in operations management, business (or a related field), and have prior experience preferably in a start-up.

·       Communication: You are able to communicate with translators from different cultures and work your magic on them.

·       Analytics: You have strong data analytics experience, including using tools like SQL and Excel to analyze trends and insights that inform your strategies

·       Operational excellence: You are able to see gaps and opportunities in existing processes, as well as build new procedures from the ground up

·       Collaboration: You are able to act as a key stakeholder across various initiatives, such as new product developments and community programs

·       Self-starter: You are resourceful and enthusiastic about proactively finding ways to level up our moderation processes and keep our community safe

·       Experience: You have experience in building or scaling start-up operations and policy creation, and working with leadership on complex escalations

·       Bonus points if you are fluent in Spanish, Arabic, Korean, Turkish


Your Mindset


•       Put yourself in challenging situations - Develop a list of exciting challenges you’re interested in overcoming. This is your time to overcome your fear of data.

•       Be hungry for work – You should be the one asking for more. Your hunger for work and learning should be insatiable.

•       Be open to ask for help – You should be putting yourself in situations where you are able to develop real relationships and execute some successful team projects. Ask for help and collaborate with your team.

•       Try out new – Don’t engage only in routine activities. Try out new activities that can take Ollang to newer heights. Maintain a folder of such successful moments which will always motivate you.

•       Be an owner - We believe in hiring people and giving them as much responsibility as they can handle. You are a person who is able to execute all the work mentioned in your scope of work and way more. Push your limits and you yourself would be surprised to see your own potential.

Additional Information

Perks for you!

·       Flat organization structure with open and direct culture. Merit-based fast-growth environment.

·       Immense learning as you get to become the master of your own projects.

·       Opportunity to work with clients from all around the world.

·       Involvement in global projects.

·       Become a critical partner in all the decision-making in the organization.

·       Flexible working hours.

·       Become a part of a team that works hard and parties harder.