Packing Operator/包装机操作工

  • Beichen Oetiker No 874 Beichen Oetiker No. 874, Tianjin, Tianjin, China
  • 全职
  • 部门: Sales


Oetiker provides customers with the peace of mind that their mission-critical components are reliably connected. We are a global leader in high-end connecting solutions for the vehicle industry and for high-value applications in industrial segments. Our expertise in high-quality clamps, rings, straps and quick-connectors ranges from powertrain and drivetrain applications to medical applications. We offer engineering, prototyping and testing support to quickly create comprehensive solutions for overcoming clamping and connecting challenges. With 1800+ employees in more than 30 countries and over 75 years of experience, we are the trusted, global, long-term partner for the world's leading OEMs.





  • 遵守公司各项规章制度包括环境、安全及健康等方面的要求,遵守法律法规;并管理和教育本组组员遵守公司的各项规章制度包括环境、安全及健康等方面的要求
  • 负责产品包装安排,发货处理的相关工作(准确、无误)
  • 按照客户要求完成产品包装(准确、无误)

·         严格按照设备操作规程、安全生产等要求操作,妥善保管、运输、处置各种成品

·         合理领用包材,控制消耗,降低包装成本

  • 保持自动包装机区域的卫生整洁, 日常做到5S,有防火、防盗及安全用电意识
  • 完成上级主管交给的其他工作安排


  • 25-40岁,机械制造与自动化,数控,机电等相关专业
  • 3~5年以上制造行业工作经验
  • 具备良好的自律性,有一定的沟通和协作能力,工作认真负责,有敬业精神,能吃苦耐劳
  • 可接受倒班和加班工作
  • 有相关工作经验者优先