Software Developer - Services

  • 200 University Ave W, Waterloo, ON N2L 3G1, Canada
  • Full-time

Company Description

Odyssey Interactive is a Canadian Game Development studio formed around the mantra of building "Games you Live". We believe that the best games are the ones you think about long after you put them down, that help you feel like you're a part of something bigger than yourself, and that you believe you can invest in for years to come. 

We're on a mission to build games with the same emotional potential as the games we fell in love with growing up, but designing them with a mobile first mindset. We believe the next generation of gamers is going to the be most connected, the most diverse, and the most relentlessly driven generation this world has ever seen - and for them phones aren't just a tool, they're an extension of their body. We believe they deserve the same quality of games that we feel in love with so many years ago.

The founding team is comprised of 4 former leads from Riot Games where we led teams such as a the League of Legends Balance Team, the League of Legends Champion Design team, and the development of Teamfight Tactics - and are excited to try to build a world class studio with an awesome team...a team that you could be a part of!

Job Description


***This role is open for a variety of seniority levels, starting at mid.

How would it feel for your contributions to shape the direction of an entire studio? This is your chance to find out! We’re looking for a super sharp, highly driven, and deeply flexible services engineer who’s excited to join us at the very beginning of our journey. You’ll help choose the technical underpinnings of our platform, and go hands-on prototyping and shipping our first titles with us. You’ll join a collaborative team of creators who care deeply about making games that people love playing. If that sounds exciting, keep on reading!

Key Duties as a Services Engineer at Odyssey:

  • Design, build, and optimize services for networked multiplayer games.

  • Help us find the balance between building fast and building right. We don’t want to waste time making something perfect that doesn’t end up mattering to players. We also don’t want to build something really cool that breaks instantly when put under stress.

  • Dive into daunting problems you’ve never encountered before, looking for creative and robust ways to deliver solutions.

  • Be willing to wear multiple hats. Odyssey is just starting out, and we’re all going to be stepping out of our comfort zones to make the best experiences for players that we can. This could look like: pairing with gameplay engineers to build in-game features,contributing to our CI/CD pipeline, writing tools for our artists and designers, or any number of other things.


Essential Skills:

  • 2+ years experience working with one of Java, Kotlin, C#, or Go.

  • 2+ years experience as a services engineer, working on cross disciplinary teams.

  • Experience working autonomously. We won’t have a lot of management overhead, so we’re looking for someone who can self-direct to solve problems.

  • Solid team player - we’re not interested in brilliant assholes. We want people who are excited to be part of a small, tight-knit team focused on delivering awesome experiences to players.

  • Genuine ambition and excitement to rise to the challenge of trying to help us take on the titans of the industry

Nice to haves:

  • Experience working on a game/product from prototype to launch.

  • A secondary specialty: gameplay, graphics, web, mobile, etc.

Things you don’t need:

  • A fancy big name studio on your resume. We care far more about your personal competency and potential, not where you’ve worked.

  • A degree (unless needed for immigration) - some of the best creatives we’ve ever worked with never finished school, why would you be any different.

Additional Information


  • Dental/Vision/Pharmacare coverage. Canada has universal health care, so you and your family will be covered by OHIP.

  • Open paid-time-off policy with 2 week minimum enforced by the company. We trust you to take time off when you need it.

  • Competitive salaries (benchmarked to Canada) that value your experience and dedication.

  • Stock options in an early stage startup. We want you to be motivated to stick with us for the long haul.

  • Annual game stipend. We can all learn so much from new games coming out.

  • Relocation & Immigration Assistance