Programme Manager

  • Nairobi, Kenya
  • Full-time

Company Description

North Star Alliance is a young and innovative social enterprise in the process of scaling from a start-up to a mature company.
Our mission is to bring essential health services to hard-to-reach populations using smart logistics and technology, and rock-solid management skills. We’re currently working in Africa, where we operate a network of 32 drop-in health clinics at strategic locations along transport routes in Africa to stop the spread of disease in its tracks. Focusing on high-impact disease and primary health care, our growing network of clinics provide access to health promotion, prevention, testing and treatment services to mobile and other hard-to-reach populations.
Since 2006 we have worked with over 70 public, private and social partners to build our network, which we expect to grow to 50 clinics by the end of 2015.

North Star East Africa runs 14 Roadside Wellness Centres, 7 of which are in Kenya, 2 in Uganda and 4 in Tanzania. 

Job Description

The Programme Manager will work closely with the Regional Director to ensure that programmes run effectively and the target population receive maximum benefits.


  • Effective Management of programmes and timely provision of deliverables.
  • Build, develop, and grow any business relationships vital to the success of the project.
  • Conduct quality assurance / audits of mobile units and centres.
  • Ensure service package and quality management systems are implemented by the Roadside Wellness Centres.
  • Provide direction and leadership to staff.
  • Identify and manage risks.
  • Profiling the Organisation among the partners.
  • Representing North Star Alliance in relevant meetings and other forums.
  • Any other duties which may be assigned by the Regional Director.


Required Skills, Qualification and Experience

  • Knowledge of health issues of mobile populations, healthcare delivery systems and models in Africa.
  • Master’s Degree in social sciences or related field.
  • 7 years’ experience in programme management especially in a health organisation.
  • Regional and international exposure.
  • Experience in the Private Sector.
  • Demonstrate a high level of energy, resourcefulness, persistence and stamina in their achievement of objectives.
  • Be an excellent team player, and have very strong communication skills especially in the interaction and negotiations with other partners.
  • Broad management experience.
  • Ability to work with minimum supervision.
  • Excellent leadership and people management skills.
  • Experience in multi-cultural communications.


Required Competencies

Ethics & Values: Takes responsibility for own performance. Rec4ognises the potential for ethical dilemmas and seeks advice to resolve them. Respects and works productively with all individuals regardless of gender, nationality and cultural background. Acts consistently with established procedures and policies.

Teamwork: Works productively with a broad range of team members (e.g., all job profiles, levels), actively participates in and supports team decisions, openly shares knowledge, expertise or experience with team members. Takes constructive actions to resolve team conflicts. Gives constructive feedback to team members.

Strategic thinker: Systematically extracts pertinent information from relevant sources. Conducts in-depth analysis on issues and problems. Identifies multiple causes of a problem and relationships among the causes, as well as potential solutions.

Initiative: Proposes new ways of accomplishing work objectives. Proactively develops effective solutions to complex problems in own area of expertise. Develops and follows through with a plan of action until desired goals are achieved.

Client Orientation: Actively seeks information and opinions of internal and external clients to understand their requests and to identify their needs and expectations. Meets deadlines for delivery of products or services to clients. Keeps clients informed of progress or setbacks. Explains the rationale for decisions/outcomes to the client. Solicits on-going feedback from clients.

Interpersonal Relations: Respects differing needs and viewpoints. Resolves personal and professional disagreements constructively. Builds effective working relationships within the unit/division/office. Demonstrates sensitivity, tact, and empathy for others.

Stamina & Stress Resistance: Maintains effective performance in demanding or uncertain situations (e.g., emergency and/or varied field situations). Maintains a work-life balance to ensure that performance is sustained over the long-term, even under stressful circumstance (e.g., a socially restrictive field environment). Recognises personal limits and reactions to stress. Uses personally effective strategies to cope with stressful situations. Maintains focus in demanding or high-pressure situations.

Behavioural Flexibility: Identifies positive impacts/benefits of forthcoming changes. Shifts focus between tasks when changes in priorities require it.

Initiative: Proposes new ways of accomplishing work objectives. Proactively develops effective solutions to complex problems in own area of expertise. Develops and follows through with a plan of action until desired goals are achieved.

Additional Information

Salary: A competitive package, commiserate with experience and background
Position: Fulltime (40h/week)
Location: Nairobi, Kenya
Reports to: Regional Director East Africa
Starting: June 2014
Language: English (excellent written and verbal communication skills) knowledge of French would be an advantage
Travel:  travel in Kenya as well to different locations in East Africa
Work Permit: Applicants are required to hold a working permit for Kenya