Senior Software Engineer (Node.js/Javascript)

  • 68 3rd St, Brooklyn, NY 11231, USA
  • Full-time

Company Description

NIC.KL Inc. enables you to invest directly in content important to your world.


Here’s what we believe: if we make it easier to support great content, it will only get better and there will be more of it.


Empowering the individuals who are unapologetically ambitious in their search for truth, who want to inspire and entertain their communities, raise awareness on the issues of the day, who do the homework for the rest of us….that is our mission.

Job Description

Product Description

NIC.KL’s products and applications run on a diverse range of devices including: smartphones, tablets, Smart TVs and a variety of consumer electronic products. As a result, NIC.KL works closely with a variety of partners to integrate and launch NIC.KL applications on these devices, and ensure our customers have a great experience consuming content with NIC.KL.

NIC.KL heavily utilizes JavaScript on both the client and server side. We use Node.js/Express to power our servers, and React to power our frontend and mobile apps. We leverage background jobs (powered by bull and Redis) a lot. These jobs are handled by a handful of small worker servers, each with its own purpose.

Here’s some of the technologies currently in our stack

  • RethinkDB

  • Redis

  • GraphQL

  • Flowtype

  • PassportJS

  • React

  • Ethereum

As you can tell, we are JavaScript enthusiasts and hope you’ll be too.

As part of the initial founding engineering team, you will:

  • Plan, build, optimize and scale our Node.js service platform

  • Develop across the stack, including the front-end and worker services

  • Work with new customers, and external partners to identify new opportunities, address critical needs, and solve real problems.

  • Become an expert in leveraging NIC.KL’s tools and services to solve publishers needs


We are looking for someone who is passionate about:

  • Shipping well engineered and well-tested code

  • Building reliable, robust and observable modules

  • Creating things from scratch

Additional Information

Equal Employment Opportunities at NICKL

NIC.KL is committed to hiring talented and qualified individuals with diverse backgrounds for all of its tech, non-tech, and leadership roles. NIC.KL believes that the gathering and celebration of unique backgrounds, qualities, and cultures enriches the workplace.

All your information will be kept confidential according to EEO guidelines.