Elementary Teacher / Guide, Montessori trained

  • Full-time

Company Description

We are an independent, Montessori school in Chicago serving 500+ students and their families, starting at a parent-infant class and up to 8th grade. As a community of shared values we work together to fulfill a meaningful mission. NNM faculty, staff and parents strive for an equitable and inclusive school culture through intentional, reflective practice. We work together to challenge all students to think for themselves, pursue their ideas and become real learners for the real world. 

Learn more about us on our website: www.nnms.org

Job Description

NNM is seeking candidates for an Elementary Teacher / Guide, starting in the 2023/24 school year. This is a great opportunity to work in a well-established, urban, Montessori school with excellent support and growth opportunities. These come from a dynamic leadership team and an Academic Coach joined by experienced peers and colleagues within the community. We are deeply committed to educational equity and are interested in candidates who can support students and other community members in an inclusive and authentic learning environment.

NNM offers a competitive compensation package with a teacher salary range of $50,000 to $100,000 based on teaching experience and educational background. Benefits include health insurance, a retirement plan with a generous matching contribution, and robust professional development opportunities both within the school and beyond.

Schedule for this position is typically 8am to 4pm starting in mid-August for the 2023/24 school year

Responsibilities include:

  • Guide the daily instruction of the curriculum appropriate to the 6-9 or 9-12 level of the classroom based on Montessori training and school policies and practices
  • Guide, observe, evaluate, and track the progress of students throughout the school year and over the 3-year cycle
  • Uphold and reinforce positive behavior by modeling or drawing attention to established values, rules and the school's portrait of a graduate
  • Remain in contact with the whole class and sense changing mood or activity, responding appropriately
  • Integrate cultural competency into lessons across the curriculum, model anti-racist and anti-biased practices and values
  • Conference with individual children about their work
  • Prepare and maintain a classroom environment that inspires learning, exploration, observation and discovery
  • Provide physical and emotional safety and support of all students nurturing and guiding their social emotional learning 
  • Plan and attend level and class field trips and camp, including an week-long overnight camp trip each year
  • Demonstrate short and long term planning and preparation for instruction 
  • Present and speak at events including parent education, performances, presentations and other scheduled events throughout the year
  • Complete student paperwork and records efficiently as required
  • Create strong, positive student and parent partnerships by establishing good communication practices; provide meaningful input, observations and feedback on student progress and development
  • Provide support and guidance to other faculty and staff supporting students including learning resource specialists, Spanish, PE, and more
  • Work with and regularly communicate with the Coach regarding progress of students, concerns, and needs; include Coach in meetings when necessary
  • Manage and support the assistants, interns, and other support staff assigned to the class providing regular performance feedback and completing evaluations
  • Engage in professional development in order to improve knowledge, skills and overall impact in the classroom with students
  • Uphold professional standards of personal presentation, punctuality, and grace and courtesy 
  • Promote an enthusiasm for and understanding of NNM mission, vision and values with students and in partnership with parents
  • Work as a part of the elementary level, faculty, and school community, regularly attending and constructively contributing to meetings, events and other school activities


Bachelor’s degree & Montessori training and certification through AMI at the elementary level, required

Prior experience working with elementary level students in a Montessori classroom 

Demonstrated ability to effectively communicate, verbal and written, with children and adults

Advanced understanding of a child’s physical, social, emotional, and cognitive  development

Demonstrated commitment to professional development and growth 

Demonstrated commitment to anti-bias, anti-racist practices: able to work with and teach groups of diverse individuals in respectful, equitable, and inclusive ways

Team-focused, growth-minded, flexible attitude with commitment to participating in and contributing to a positive faculty culture and workplace

Demonstrated proficiency in working with current educational and related technologies

Additional Information

Please include your resume and a message / cover letter with your application;  respond thoughtfully to screening questions provided. Thank you - we look forward to learning more about you!