General Manager of the Department of Accounting and Financial Reporting

  • Qabanbay Batyr Ave 53, Nur-Sultan 020000, Kazakhstan
  • Full-time
  • Job Type: Administrative staff

Job Description

1) prepares quarterly, annual financial and/or tax reports of the University;;

2) exercises control over the organization of accounting and/or tax accounting at the University;

3) exercise control over the enforcement and execution of documents on financial and economic transactions in accordance with the requirements of accounting;

4) develops internal methodological documents and materials for the organization of accounting and / or tax accounting;

5) provides methodological assistance to employees of structural divisions on accounting and reporting;

6) ensures the provision, upon request and during inspections, to state bodies, auditors, structural divisions of the University and other users of reliable information about the financial activities of the University;

7) monitors changes in IFRS and/or tax legislation on supervised issues and monitors compliance with these changes in accounting;

8) execution of the accounting of fixed assets and intangible assets of the University; ensuring the accounting of the movement of inventory items;

9) calculates taxes on time for the area of responsibility;

10) acceptance, verification and, if necessary, registration of primary documents in the area of responsibility, ensuring their safety and preparation for archiving;

11) timely provides tax, statistical and other reports on the area of responsibility;

12) organization of conduction and participation in the inventory of assets or of accounts receivable and payable in the area of ​​responsibility in the prescribed manner;

13) ensuring the interaction with government bodies on issues related to accounting and reporting data;

14) automation and optimization of the processes within the framework of his/her responsibilities and powers;

15) consideration and, if necessary, amending the contracts, transactions and internal documents of the University within the framework of his/her responsibilities and powers; 

16) participation in the processes of identification, assessment, management, monitoring of risks within the framework of the supervised direction;

17) temporary performs the duties (replaces) of the another General manager during his/her temporary absence (up to one month);

18) timely and properly executes the tasks of the line manager and the University`s management;

19) observes the requirements of the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Employer`s internal documents;

20) is responsible for exercising the labor and performance discipline;

21) is responsible for ensuring the integrity of official documents, and prevention of the disclosure or leakage of confidential and business information, as well as information of restricted access in accordance with the legislation, Charter and internal documents of the Employer;  

22) in case of dismissal, is responsible for timely transfer of all paper documentation, digital information, inventory to another employee as instructed by the line manager (to be certified by the act of acceptance-transfer).


The minimum degree - Master

Relevant work experience  - Seven years min., at least three of them supervising people. Minimum five years with the PhD degree in the relevant area

Professional certifications - availability of a certificate of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) DipIFR /ACCA/CPA, of a certificate of professional accountant of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Problem-solving - High level of innovation and creativity is critical

Impact on policy development - Formulates policy for a function or area of work

Analytic skills - Interprets and evaluates large quantities of information from multiple sources to support decision-making.

Additional Information

Priority specializations:

- Accounting and Auditing

- Finance

- Economics

Professional competencies:

- knowledge of International Financial Reporting Standards (hereinafter - IFRS) and tax reporting forms;

- good understanding of Information Technology (hereinafter - IT) in the field of accounting;

- tax programs of the State Revenue Committee of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

- analytical skill;

- knowledge of 1C, MS Office, Excel, PowerPoint;

- fluency in English, Kazakh, Russian

Recruitment and selection process
Recruitment and selection at Nazarbayev University include the following process: preliminary selection based on experience and qualifications, assessments (e.g. technical skills/capabilities, aptitude, personality, work samples, in-basket exercises, and informal interviews), and motivation.

Formal interviews form the final stage of the selection process.
They are typically based on organizational values and behaviors and conducted in English.
You are encouraged to share your views and values  to identify how they fit into  Nazarbayev University core values