Senior HR Manager

  • Qabanbay Batyr Ave 53, Nur-Sultan 020000, Kazakhstan
  • Full-time
  • Job Type: Administrative staff

Company Description

School of Engineering and Digital Sciences, Nazarbayev University

Job Description

Senior HR is imposed with the following functions:
1) ensuring effective budgeting of expenses in all overseed areas, including budgets for wage fund, professional development, recruitment, business trips, and social policy expenses;
2) planning staff needs for the near future and for the long term, creating a database of employees, as well as the operational search for the neccessary specialists to the School;
3) assists the General Manager that the School’s structure and headcount are up to date and meet the School needs;
4) ensuring timely recruitment for the academic positions of the School;
5) organization of onboarding process of academic staff: job offer, preparation of employment contracts, introduction to the staff and welcome letter, organization of working place, infosession, assistance in the adaptation of the accepted academic staff of the School, including issues related to the Social Policy of the University;
6) participation in the development and assistance in monitoring the implementation of draft employment contracts and supplementary agreements initiated by the School, as part of their official duties;
7) recording hiring, transfer and dismissal of academic staff in accordance with the labor legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
8) maintenance personal files of new hired and current academic staff, registration of labor and social leaves, preparation of drafts of labor contracts, issuing certificates from the place of work, submission of personal files of the academic staff to the University archive;
9) maintaining the timesheet of the academic staff of the School;
10) organization of promotion procedure of academic staff;
11) organization of renewal procedure of academic staff;
12) organization of internship programs, training, advanced training, certification of employees, the development, organization and conduct of training, social programs;
13) monitoring compliance with the internal rules of the enterprise, taking part in the resolution of labor conflicts and disputes, preparation of draft decisions on the imposition of disciplinary penalties and incentives for the academic staff;
14)  ensuring the safety  of documents within the supervised area;
15)  ensuring seamless HR processing and service delivery by interacting and collaborating with the Human Capital Development Department and other relevant structural divisions of the University, ensuring School follows the University policies and procedures in the area of HR; 
16) maintaining correspondence within the scope of his/her functional responsibilities;
17) participationidentification, evaluation, management and monitoring of risks within the framework of supervised direction;
18) timely and proper fulfillment of other orders of the Dean, the Head, General Manager and the University management within the framework of his/her responsibilities and powers.

In order to fulfill abovementioned functions, Senior HR execute the following duties:
1) timely and properly execution of tasks of the Dean, the Head, the General Manager and the University’s management;
2) observe the requirements of the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the University`s internal documents;
3) perform job duties in good faith;
4) strictly respect labor and performance discipline;
5) observe the provision of the University`s mandatory internal documents;
6) in case of dismissal or transfer to another position – pass all paper and digital information, to another person, specified by the Head, under the act of acceptance-transfer, and submit the inventory assets to the accountable officers of the University.



Higher-professional, preferable from the higher education institutions with the English language of instruction


Priority areas of specialization are: 
- Management;
- Psychology;
- International Relations/Law;
- Public Administration;
- Human Resource management;
- Business Administration

Work experience    

Required work experience is defined by standard qualifications for administrative positions at the autonomous organization of education “Nazarbayev University”.
Professional certificates CIPD, SHRM would be an asset

Additional Information

Professional competencies

- Knowledge of the labor legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
- knowledge of the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the field of education;
- knowledge of processes and tools in the field of HR administration;
- ability to work with a large amount of information;
- analytical ability;
- literacy;
- skills in developing rules, policies, agreements, and other documents;
- skills in writing analytical and informational notes;
- knowledge of MS Office, Excel, PowerPoint programs;
-    fluent in English, Kazakh and Russian

Personal skills

-    Nazarbayev University competency model;
-    commitment to the goals and values of the University;
-    critical thinking;
-    ability to work independently, as well as part of a team;
-    sociability;
-    responsibility;
-    stress tolerance;
-    initiative;
-    responsible approach to work.
-    interpersonal skills;
-    ability to work in a team and independent work skills;
-    ability to work in a multicultural environment

Recruitment and selection process
Recruitment and selection at Nazarbayev University include the following process: preliminary selection based on experience and qualifications, assessments (e.g. technical skills/capabilities, aptitude, personality, work samples, in-basket exercises, and informal interviews), and motivation.

Formal interviews form the final stage of the selection process.
They are typically based on organizational values and behaviors and conducted in English.
You are encouraged to share your views and values  to identify how they fit into  Nazarbayev University core values