Manager of the Customer IT Services Office (helpdesk)

  • Qabanbay Batyr Ave, Nur-Sultan 020000, Kazakhstan
  • Full-time

Job Description

The Manager is imposed with the following functions:

1.            providing technical assistance and support for incoming requests and questions related to computer systems, software and it equipment remotely;

2.            support of the automated system for registration, accounting and monitoring of customers' requests;

3.            control of timely execution of requests by all IT services in accordance with the established SLA;

4.            implementation of the initial installation of system and application software, providing answers to customers' questions and requests for technical support within their competence;

5.             coordinate diagnostics and troubleshooting remotely;

6.            development of instructions and guidelines for users within the competence of the Customer IT Services Office (helpdesk) (hereinafter - the Office);

7.             preparation of current reports to identify failures that occur within the Office;

8.            getting feedback from end users about using the Office service in order to improve the work of the Office

9.            follow-up work with users of the University and its organizations to ensure that problems are solved within their competence;

10.         consulting and methodological assistance on the issues within the competence of the Office;


Higher-professional, preferable from the higher education institutions with English language of instruction

Priority specializations:

- computer science or related fields;

- information technology management

- engineering;

Work experience must meet one of the following requirements:

with Master's degree, professional experience should be not less than 1 year in the areas corresponding to functional areas of a specific position; or

with Specialist or   Bachelor degree, work experience should be at least 3 years in the areas corresponding to the functional areas of a given position in the public service, international and/or national companies, or at least 2 years of work experience at the University and/or its organizations.

Additional Information

Professional competencies 

  • - knowledge of the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the field of Informatization and education;
  • - ability to present technical information in a user-friendly language;
  • - ability to effectively prioritize and complete tasks in a busy schedule;
  • - knowledge of the principles of operation of the main data transfer and exchange protocols;
  • - understanding the ITSM, SQL Server DBMS, etc principles;
  • - knowledge of PC architecture and ability to configure custom peripherals;
  • - application software installation skills;
  • - exceptional customer service orientation;
  • - a manifestation of tolerance when dealing with difficult situations/challenges in the field of user experience;
  • - availability of certificates in the field of information technology (hereinafter - IT) relevant to the performance of these functions (preferably);
  • - analytical skills;
  • - professional knowledge of MSOffice programs
  • (MicrosoftWord, Excel, PowerPoint), Linux;

- fluent in English, Kazakh and Russian

Personal competencies

  • - Nazarbayev University competency model;
  • - striving to develop professional expertise;
  • - commitment to the University's goals;
  • - integrity and ethical behavior;
  • - focus on results and problem solving;
  • - focus on results and problem solving;
  • - innovation and risk-taking;
  • - critical thinking;
  • - client-centricity - building effective relationships;
  • - proactive approach to work
  • - interpersonal communication skills (oral and written);
  • - multitasking;
  • - team work;
  • - responsibility;
  • - consistency ;
  • - ability to solve various tasks;
  • - effective time management