Advisor for IT Standards and Practices in Construction of the Office of the Chief Information Officer

  • Qabanbay Batyr Ave, Nur-Sultan 020000, Kazakhstan
  • Full-time

Job Description

1)      development and implementation of IT policies and procedures applicable to construction at the University within the competence;

2)       provision of strategic consulting on the national IT procedures, international IT standards, as well as obtaining of necessary permits for construction works and other requirements related to launching IT construction works;

3)       participation in the construction evaluations as an observer and provide IT expert input for construction works at the University;

4)       meet regularly with the Head to update on how the construction is performing and offer suggestions he/she believes will make corresponded to IT standards and practices;

5)       bringing to the attention of the Head any construction projects at the University, which are not meeting IT standards and propose solutions on strategic IT issues during the implementation of the construction works at the University;

6)        verify that the construction works at the University are corresponding to the IT design, and the quality of the construction/building conform to the IT safety standards;

7)       ensure that construction/building earmarked for the project physically conducive for effective, easy and stimulating use of the IT equipment, and protect them;

8)       participation in meetings of the construction project team(s) at the University as a focal point from the IT perspective;

9)       ensure that that the construction/building has plans for challenges that may result from failure of any of the IT infrastructure;

10)   timely and proper fulfillment of other orders of the Head and the University management within the framework of his/her responsibilities and powers.


Priority specializations:

-        Computer Science or related field;

-        Information Technology;

-        Business Administration

10 years of work experience in related qualification requirements

- Knowledge of the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the field of information and education;

- knowledge of international standards in the field of Information Technology (hereinafter - IT);

- availability of certificates in IT relevant to the performance of these functions (desirable);

-                change and project management skills;

-                preparation and delivery presentation skills;

-                analytical abilities;

- Nazarbayev University competency model:

- desire to develop professional expertise;

- commitment to the goals of the University;

- integrity and ethical behavior;

- results-orientation and problem-solving;

- cooperation skills and client orientation;

- innovation and risk acceptance;

     - critical thinking;

- building effective relations;

- interpersonal skills (both verbal and written);

- ability to work in team;

- responsibility;

- systematic approach;

- multi-tasking;

- time management;

- because of the strategic and public nature of this position and emphasis is placed on ethical behavior with vendors and internal units of the University

Additional Information

Fluent in Kazakh, Russian and English