Curriculum Design Manager, Institutional Effectiveness, Office of the Provost

  • Qabanbay Batyr Ave, Nur-Sultan 020000, Kazakhstan
  • Full-time

Company Description

The Institutional Effectiveness team within the Office of the Provost provides support to foster excellence in learning and teaching, academic quality, institutional research and analytics, and innovative learning.

Job Description

  • ·      evaluate the needs of the University faculty and staff in terms of course design, instructional design, and teaching materials development (particularly online); 
  • ·      support faculty and the wider University staff in the development of education and training materials, courses and workshops (face-to-face (F2F), online and blended modes);
  • ·      apply the University’s strategies, policies, guidelines and templates to course and instructional design, particularly within the sphere of the Innovative Learning Hub and Studio;
  • ·      use   established quality assurance and enhancement practices to evaluate and continuously improve courses, workshops, and F2F/online educational materials;
  • ·      support faculty in their innovative and effective use of the University’s Learning Management System (LMS) and other educational hardware and software;
  • ·      make an active contribution to the broader area of Institutional Effectiveness within the Division through interaction and collaboration with members of the other divisions.
  • ·      share experience in the field of curriculum design with other Kazakhstani universities, enhancing the reputation of the University in the field of Learning and Teaching;
  • ·      actively develop his/her own professional profile and expertise in curriculum and instructional design;
  • ·      undertake any other duties and responsibilities (appropriate to the role) as assigned by the line manager and senior management team.
  • This position reports to General Director of Institutional Effectiveness.


Higher-professional, preferable from the higher education institutions with English language of instruction;

Priority: Master’s degree in education, instructional design or closely related discipline.

Prior experience in educational administration and/or entry-level teaching experience are preferable.

Work experience must meet one of the following requirements:

with Master's degree, professional experience should be not less than 1 year in the areas corresponding to functional areas of a specific position; or

with Specialist or   Bachelor degree, work experience should be at least 3 years in the areas corresponding to the functional areas of a given position in the public service, international and/or national companies, or at least 2 years of work experience at the University and/or its organizations.

Additional Information

Professional competence and personal qualities

  • ·      Experience in the use of audio and video hardware, to include camera work, audio-recording and data storage/management;
  • ·      Competence in the delivery of presentations, workshops and online educational activities; 
  • ·      Professional proficiency of MS Office, Excel, PowerPoint, Qualtrics and other specialist software and computer audio/video applications appropriate to the position

Fluency in English, Kazakh and Russian