HR Manager (maternity leave cover), Graduate School of Education

  • Qabanbay Batyr Ave 53, Nur-Sultan 020000, Kazakhstan
  • Full-time

Company Description

Graduate School of Education

Job Description

High-quality and timely execution of instructions of the management within the framework of official duties

Provide administrative support in daily operational work, including, but not limited to the following functions:

- draw up academic staff recruitment, transfer and dismissal in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan;;

- Participate in the development, optimization and improvement of HR systems and administrative systems;

-  Provide visa support to foreign personnel;

-   maintaining, filling, storing personal files of the School’s academic staff;;

-   Organization of the process of searching and attracting the faculty of the School, organization of competitive selection commissions;

-   Assistance in the adaptation of the adopted faculty of the School, including on issues related to the University’s Social Policy;

-   maintaining, filling out, keeping personal files of the faculty of the School;

- Summary and monitoring of the advanced training plan, organization of training (advanced training, corporate training, etc.) of the School employees;

- Organization of the assessment of the School staff and making proposals to the school management on the results of the assessment;

- Lead of the 1 C program;

- Collaborate with central departments of NU and Schools in the provision of reports and data;

- Provide support to academic and administrative-academic personnel in obtaining the necessary documents for work, registration with the tax and migration authorities of the city of Nur-Sultan;

- Organize team events and take an active part in creating the corporate spirit of the School.

- Participation in the development of the structure, staffing, staffing and social support of the School staff;

- Submission of the School's personal files to the University archive;

- Timely and efficiently carry out other instructions of the School's management as part of their job reviews.


-   For a master’s degree, at least 1 year work experience in areas corresponding to the functional areas of a particular position;

-    With a bachelor’s or specialist’s degree, work experience in the specialty is at least 3 years in the areas corresponding to the functional areas of a particular position in international and / or national companies, or at least 2 years of work experience at Nazarbayev University

Experience in the international team is desirable.

-  Knowledge of regulatory legal acts in the field of labor legislation;

-  Knowledge paperwork and the rules of work of archives, storage system for classification of documents;

-  Analytical skills, the ability to establish successful professional relationships with people at various levels of government in the Kazakh, Russian and English languages;

-  Ability to work effectively both on an individual basis and in a team;

-  Ability to function effectively in the presence of tight deadlines;

- Skills in preparing reports, reports, analytical notes, letters.

-  Nazarbayev University competency model;

-  Critical thinking;

-  Sociability, initiative, determination, creativity;

Ability to work with representatives of different cultures.

Excellent oral and written skills in Kazakh, Russian and English (advanced) are required

High level of computer skills (OS Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office, Excel, 1 etc.).