Senior Marketing Manager, Marketing Department

  • Qabanbay Batyr Ave, Nur-Sultan 020000, Kazakhstan
  • Full-time

Company Description

Unit requirements:

  • ·      To build and maintain Central Marketing department of Nazarbayev University
  • ·      Responsible for managing the company's marketing initiatives. Uses market research and analysis to direct marketing strategy and planning. Participates and organizes the production of all promotional materials, brand building and marketing campaigns.


Job Description

  • ·         Implements Marketing strategy of the University and builds the action plan to implement the main goals
  • ·         Analyzes how the University brand is positioned in the market and comes up with some creative ideas providing the vision, mission, goals and strategies to match up to the objectives
  • ·         Establishes specific marketing goals, directions and tasks based on past performance and market forecasts
  • ·         Works on expanding international channels of promotion
  • ·         Collaborates with stakeholders on international recruiting and partnerships with universities for promotion, popularization of programs and opportunities of the University
  • ·         Optimizes contextual advertising
  • ·         Plans content and promotes for video ads, email marketing, display advertising and retargeting
  • ·         Downloads and processes data, makes business decisions based on web analytics from Google Analytics, plans analytics and performance metrics
  • ·         Keeps track of new trends in the field of advertising services, the development of websites, landing pages, interfaces and analytics and related tools to use in work
  • ·         Researches and analyses market trends, demographics, pricing schedules, competitor products, and other relevant information to form marketing strategies
  • ·         Approves and oversees the creative development of promotional materials, website content, advertisements, and other marketing-related projects
  • ·         Communicates with various stakeholders, advertising agencies, educational agents and other services to help marketing projects come to fruition
  • ·         Provides in-depth information to interested clients, and acts as a representative for the marketing department in important meetings
  • ·         Acts as a focal point to supervise all marketing and brand managers of all the entities of the University
  • ·         Assesses, amends the existing Brand book, brand images
  • ·         Works within the department budget to develop cost-effective marketing plans
  • ·         Tracks all marketing and sales data and creates detailed written reports and verbal presentations
  • Supervise and coordinate marketing teams



Higher education with the English as the main language of instruction.

A degree in a discipline directly related to Marketing, PR, Journalism and Business Administration (or related disciplines/experience).

Professional experience

·         for a Master`s degree holder – at least 5 years of proven working experience as marketing or brand manager

·         For a Bachelor’s degree holder -   at least 7 years of proven working experience as marketing or brand manager

Additional Information

Professional competencies  and personal skills

  • ·         Excellent understanding of the full marketing mix
  • ·         Highly creative with ability to think out of box
  • ·         Experience in identifying target audiences and devising campaigns that engage, inform and motivate
  • ·         Proven ability to develop brand and marketing strategies and effectively communicate recommendations to executive management
  • ·         Strong analytical skills and data-driven thinking
  • ·         Advanced communication and interpersonal skills
  • ·         Up-to-date with latest trends and marketing best practices
  • ·         Comfortable working with numbers, metrics and spreadsheets
  • ·         Excellent command of the English language
  • ·         Knowledge of social media platforms
  • ·         Project management experience
  • ·         Experience running large scope projects with cross-over departments and large teams
  • ·         Experience / skills in web programming (knowledge of HTML, JS, CSS, PHP) and working in CRM systems, planning and launching advertising on Google Ads, Facebook, Yandex.Direct are preferred

Language skills

Fluent spoken and written Kazakh, Russian and English.