Assistant to the Dean (Manager)

  • Qabanbay Batyr Ave 53, Nur-Sultan 020000, Kazakhstan
  • Full-time

Company Description

Graduate School of Education

Job Description

- Quality and timely execution of Dean's tasks within the framework of official duties.

- Planning, developing and maintaining Dean’s schedule;

- Carries out the collection of materials and information necessary for the Dean, prepares analytical, informational, reference and other materials and submits them to the head;

- On behalf of the Dean, draws up letters, requests, other documents;

- Participates in negotiations, business meetings, maintains protocols and other documents that draw up the progress and result of meetings, negotiations;

- Coordinate the professional relationship of the Dean with the faculty of the GSE and with the structural divisions of Nazarbayev University;

- Provide support for Dean’s interaction with representatives of Executive bodies and heads of organizations, provide the head with the necessary information for representation in executive bodies and other organizations.

- Conduct paperwork, receive correspondence received by the Dean, receive documents and personal applications for signature by the Dean, keep their records and registration, transfer to the Head;

- fulfill the Dean’s instructions (sign documents, organize meetings, meetings and business trips of the Dean);

- Provides technical support for the Dean (ordering transport, tickets; organizing meetings, negotiations; etc.);

- On behalf of the Dean to coordinate certain issues with employees of structural divisions, to bring to them the instructions and orders of the Head;

- Control the execution of instructions and orders;

- To carry out work on the preparation of meetings and meetings held by the Dean (collecting the necessary materials, notifying participants of the time and place of the meeting, the agenda), to conduct and draw up minutes of meetings.


- Higher education, preferably in higher education institutions with teaching in English

- Minimum requirements for academic degree:  Master's degree, undergraduate or specialist.

- with a master’s degree, work experience  at least 1 year in areas corresponding to the functional areas of the given position, with a bachelor’s degree or specialist work experience at least 3 years in areas corresponding to the functional areas of the position in international national companies, or at least 2 years of work experience in "Nazarbayev University”;

- Experience in an intercultural environment is desirable.

- Analytical skills, ability to establish successful professional relations with people at various state and government levels in Russian, Kazakh and English.

- Ability to function effectively within tight deadlines;

- Knowledge of legislation in the field of document management and records management;

- Organizational skills;

- Discipline;

- Ability to work both individually and in a team;

- Ability to work with representatives of different cultures;

Communicative, initiative, responsible and creative

Excellent speaking and writing skills of Kazakh, Russian, English (advanced) languages.

High level of computer skills (OS Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office, Excel).