General Manager of Supply Chain Management Department

  • Qabanbay Batyr Ave, Nur-Sultan 020000, Kazakhstan
  • Full-time

Company Description


Key and functional tasks of the Department

  1. Organization of:
  • Purchases of goods, works and services;

  • Contract management;

  • Acceptance of goods;

  • Work of a single warehouse of consumables and equipment for the educational and research process.

  1. Development of internal documentation in the area of procurement of goods, works, services.

  2. Market research for efficient procurement.

  3. Maintenance of suppliers registers.

  4. Interaction with suppliers in the organization of procurement.

  5. Equipping and providing an autonomous organization of education "Nazarbayev University", laboratories of the Autonomous organization with necessary laboratory equipment, laboratory furniture, consumables, etc. in accordance with the Rules of procurement of goods, works, services of "Nazarbayev University".

Job Description

  • supervising market research;

  • coordinating and assigning duties among market research employees;

  • analysis of market research and submitting respective proposals to the management;

  • preparing relevant reports and contributing to preparing Division’s reports;

  • analysis of business processes of the Division, ensuring enhanced business processes;

  • organizing, monitoring and improving the register of suppliers;

  • interacting with suppliers;

  • conducting market research and finding new suppliers;

  • contributing to drafting and improving internal procurement documents and other documents on issues within competence of the Division;

  • contributing to generation of information and reports on procurement of goods, works and services;

  • contributing to developing and implementing procurement information systems within competence of the Division;

  • participating in organization of seminars on application of internal procurement policies and procedures;

  • participation in identification, evaluation, management and monitoring of risks within the framework of supervised direction.


Higher education level, preferably obtained in higher education institution with English as the main language of instruction in sphere:

  • Marketing / Economics / Procurement

Required professional experience 

The required experience is defined according to standard qualification requirements to administrative positions of the Autonomous organization of education of "Nazarbayev University" 

Additional Information

Professional competencies :

  • knowledge of goods, works and services procurement processes and tools; 

  • knowledge of project and operational management;

  • research and analytical skills;

  • skills of drafting internal documents of an organization; 

  • skills of organizing and hosting presentations/seminars.

Personal skills:

  • commitment to the goals and values of the University;

  • ability to work with representatives of different cultures and nationalities

  • ability to complete the tasks, client-oriented approach, friendliness, attentiveness and professional behavior;

  • ability to work independently, ability to take initiative;

  • diligence;

  • skill to work in team;

  • stress resistance.

Fluent spoken and written Kazakh, Russian and English languages. 

High level of proficiency in PC (Microsoft office) and organizational equipment.