Laboratory Coordinator in Civil and Environmental Engineering Department of School of Engineering

  • Qabanbay Batyr Ave 53, Astana 020000, Kazakhstan
  • Full-time

Company Description

Nazarbayev University is a modern and rapidly developing university located in the heart of Eurasia – Astana, the capital of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Nazarbayev University (NU) was founded by the first President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev. The University aims to develop into a research university of international renown combining education, research and innovation. Nazarbayev University educates the next generation of leaders of the Republic of Kazakhstan in science, public administration and various professions, thus contributing to the future development of the country. Core features of Nazarbayev University include: academic freedom and institutional autonomy,both legally enshrined as Nazarbayev University operates under a special Law; predominantly internationally recruited faculty, English as the language of instruction and research; entirely merit-based admission and progression system; and integrated teaching and research starting at the undergraduate level.


To give Kazakhstan and the world the scientists, academics, managers and entrepreneurs they need to prosper and develop.


To be a model for higher education reform and modern research in Kazakhstan and to contribute to the establishment of Astana as an international innovation and knowledge hub.


Job Description

1)       manages and coordinates the laboratory;

2)       ensures following of the safety rules in laboratory in accordance with the University internal documents;

3)     conducts regular checks of the equipment functioning at the laboratory;

4)     maintains records of the laboratory equipment, materials and reagents;

5)       conducts trainings on safety and due use of equipment to persons, assigned to works in the laboratory;

6)       accepts, inspects, tests, maintains and stores purchased equipment and supplies for the laboratory;

7)       planning and control of activities related to the configuration and ongoing testing of laboratory equipment;

8)       analysis of needs in laboratory equipment, materials and reagents, based on the expenditures;

9)       prepares budget request of the laboratory for the corresponding financial year and a mid-term;

10)      organizes and monitors the implementation of the procurement plan for the laboratory (goods, works and services);

11)      supervises the School’s Laboratory Assistants’ work;

12)      ensures the proper maintenance of laboratory facilities in accordance with the needs of laboratory users, international operating regulations, and safety norms;

13)  holds material responsibility for laboratory equipment, consumables and reagents;

14)  responsible for safety of the documents within the framework of supervised direction;

15)      participates in the development and the subsequent monitoring of contracts implementation and additional agreements initiated by the School;

16)  drafting correspondence in the range of his/her functional duties;

17)  participation in identification, evaluation, management and monitoring of risks within the framework of supervised direction;

18)  timely and proper fulfillment of other orders of the Senior Laboratory Coordinator, the Dean of the School and the Head, and the University management within the framework of his/her responsibilities and powers.



Higher-professional, preferable from the higher education institutions with English language of instruction


Priority specializations:

-         Civil Engineering;

Work experience

-         with Bachelor degree, at least 3 years of laboratory or related work experience including 1 year of supervisory experience;

-         with Master’s degree, at least 2 years of  laboratory or related work experience including 1 year of supervisory experience;

-         with PhD degree, at least 1 year of laboratory or related work experience including 1 year of supervisory experience;

-         at least 3 years of relevant experience in «Nazarbayev University» or its organizations

Professional competences

-        Ability to work with a large amount of information (documentation, work with reagents and consumables, maintenance of equipment);

-        skills of working with laboratory equipment;

-        skills of conducting, organizing and supporting research activities;

-        knowledge of planning and procurement processes of laboratory equipment and consumables;

-        excellent knowledge of safety rules in working with laboratory equipment;

-       knowledge of laboratory management;

-        analytical skills;

-        literacy;

-        knowledge of MS Office, Excel, PowerPoint

Personal skills

-         Nazarbayev University competency model;

-         сommitment to goals and values of the University;

-         ability to work in a team and independently;

-         communicability;

-         responsibility;

-         stress resistance;

-         initiative;

-         responsible approach to work

Additional Information

The School of Engineering provides a student-centered holistic approach to educating engineers who will be future leaders of Kazakhstani industry sectors. The life of an engineering student is filled with exciting activities. Besides lectures, tutorials, laboratories and traditional coursework, at NU School of Engineering there are many project-based assignments, competitions, exhibitions, workshops, industry visits and organized problem-solving discussions that will enable our students not only to “think outside the box”, but also to gain valuable experience.

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